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AutoCAD includes features and functionality typically found in full-featured CAD systems, but also includes additional features geared specifically toward architectural drafting, particularly for construction, interior design, and landscape architects. Features designed for architects include: Dynamic dimensioning, dimension-related analysis, reference grids, extended editing functionality, and advanced geometry functions. The Dynamic dimensioning feature allows for the creation of automatically positioned dimensioning and text, as well as for dimensioning the dimension lines, text, and annotation. The dimension-related analysis feature allows the drafter to create dimension lines that will be automatically created or revised when the dimensioning is changed. The reference grids feature allows for the creation of multiple, customized reference grids to be applied to the project. The extended editing functionality provides toolbars, palettes, and tool icons designed specifically to aid drafters in the creation of architectural drawings. The advanced geometry functionality allows drafters to create complex geometries and analyze them with advanced features, including complex intersection analysis and surface analysis. AutoCAD is bundled with support software for both the AutoCAD suite and the AutoCAD LT suite. Support software for AutoCAD includes: a construction manual and a project management guide, which can be used by contractors for day-to-day tasks; a utilities manual; and information for utilizing AutoCAD on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Support software for AutoCAD LT includes: tutorials and videos, which can be used by students to learn the basics of the software; the Programmer’s Guide for AutoCAD LT, which provides detailed information on writing AutoCAD LT macros; and a software wallet, which allows users to track the number of licenses they have purchased. AutoCAD LT also includes a data viewer, which can be used to view, download, and save DWG files. AutoCAD LT can also be integrated with PowerBuilder, which allows users to access the DWG data directly within Microsoft PowerBuilder. AutoCAD LT can be used as a standalone software application and can also be integrated with other applications. For example, it can be integrated with AutoLISP, a programming language originally developed by NDS, which allows users to access AutoCAD from within the AutoLISP software application. AutoCAD LT also provides several tools for generating and working with Microsoft Word documents. AutoCAD has become the second-most-popular software package in the U.S. and Europe, following Adobe Photoshop, and

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User interface (UI) The interface is available for use with the program on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Like other 3D CAD applications, Autodesk 3D design allows users to create new shapes or modify existing ones. This can be done by selecting a selection box or creating new vertices, faces, loops, and solids. When the selection box is clicked, the user is presented with a 3D model of the selection. In addition to working with the geometry of a model, it also functions as a coordinate system, allowing drawings to be aligned to the X, Y, or Z axes. Models may be edited and modified by the user, with the added ability to perform operations such as splitting, merging, and stretching. In addition to the ability to perform editing tasks, the software also allows users to move objects, copy and paste, undo, and redo. Users are able to create drawings in a user-defined coordinate system. This allows drawing objects to be aligned and positioned relative to the given coordinate system. The software also supports base points, which enable users to move and rotate objects relative to other objects or the background of the model. The software also supports a grid interface, enabling users to measure and dimension specific areas of the model. By manipulating points on the model, users can create splines, and by connecting splines and vertices, users can create a host of features, such as smooth surfaces, curved surfaces, and hatches. Other users can also use the same modeling features to create additional shapes and features. The software allows drawings to be combined into one object, which can be used by the user as a visual part of a larger drawing. The interface supports many of the most commonly used operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Layers The layers in Autodesk 3D design provide a method of grouping shapes and objects in a drawing. Shapes and objects that are contained within the same layer will appear with a common fill color and will be aligned together. Layer creation is simple and requires no additional software. The layers that are defined can be used to organize and edit shapes and objects. This can be done easily by creating a new layer and moving objects into it. A layer can also be moved or removed from the document. Each layer can contain only one or more drawing objects. In order to edit objects that are placed on a layer, the objects must be separated from the layer 3813325f96

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Add linked objects to your model. When you make changes to a linked object, you don’t have to start over to send those changes. Place and edit individual blocks, such as text or axis blocks. You can build your model one block at a time, rather than using templates. Improved annotation capabilities. Annotate drawings with simple clicks, type text, and control color. Improved Revit import. Import Revit models faster and more reliably. You can navigate, zoom, and pan your model with more control and responsiveness. Work with 2D and 3D CAD files. Link any 2D drawing to a 3D model. Map 2D and 3D features onto each other. Open your own CAD files from the web. Easily open.dwg and.dwf files from the web. Draw by example and find inspiration. Now you can access a growing library of predesigned object parts. Customize and reuse parts easily to build your own objects. Easily share your drawings with others. Instantly share drawings with colleagues, clients, and users. Use and create your own symbols, style and dimension guides, and work area. Add layers to your drawing to better organize your model, send messages, or control which object receives a particular tooltip. Draw faster and more precisely. Start your drawing faster. Easily and intuitively draw geometric shapes, paths, and text. Search and annotate within your drawing. Automatically find text, filenames, and other elements within your drawings. Easily draw lines, circles, and arcs. Create arcs and lines between any two points. Create sections, views, and layouts from templates. Create sections, layers, and section views from templates. CADweb. Create and browse CAD files directly from the web, even if they are on a network drive or linked to a web server. Open directly from a web browser, including mobile web browsers. PC, tablet, and mobile device design and drafting. Create, edit, and publish 3D content. Improve workflow and accuracy while working with 3D models. Link CAD and other content. Create detailed line and polyline style guides. Improve consistency and quality of your drawings. Improve your design workflow and collaborate more efficiently with others.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later Windows XP SP2 or later Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or later Intel Pentium 3 or later Memory: 1 GB 1 GB Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card, OpenGL 1.3 compatible video card, or a compatible AMD/NVidia video card DirectX 9 compatible video card, OpenGL 1.3 compatible video card, or a compatible AMD/NVidia video card Hard Drive: 1 GB 1 GB Sound Card: Windows Media Audio 9 Series sound card Windows Media Audio 9 Series sound



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