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A: You can use right on the original string to check if there is a newline character. And you need to remove ‘ ‘ for the string if present: for line in open(file_path, “r”): if line.rstrip(‘ ‘).endswith(” “): print(line[:-2]) Now, it prints: hi my friends are playinwg on the piano My mother is totally drunk EDIT: for line in open(file_path): print(line[:-1]) Triathlon Triathlon is a thrilling sport of courage, endurance, and determination. It’s a physical and mental challenge that tests the body, mind, and the spirit. Have you considered the thrill of taking part in an Ironman Triathlon in one of the region’s beautiful lakeside venues? We’re proud to host Ironman Triathlons in some of the region’s most stunning venues. Have a look at the destinations below and pick your favourite. Please note, there is a limit of three (3) participants from a single club per Ironman Triathlon. TRIM IN CENTRAL VICTORIA Bring on your challenges – at Triathlete Events we offer ‘Lighter Races, Lighter Fun’. Not enough? Try one of our larger Ironman Triathlon’s that are designed to test athletes to their physical, mental and emotional limits. Regardless of your age, fitness or level of experience, we’ll have a race to suit you. We take pride in providing a safe and fun environment and encourage all athletes to participate in our events. It’s a fantastic way to test your limits and experience sporting achievements. ‘The Striking Golf Ball’ is a fantastic sporting event that provides the opportunity for participants to explore the amazing surroundings of the lake district, including the majestic Dandenong Ranges. Have you tried our Master’s Challenge? The Master’s Challenge is a great competition for juniors and seniors, with a guaranteed prize of $2,500 for the overall winner. The region’s ‘Lighter Triathlon’ is an exciting



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