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Space. The final frontier. This is… the most cliché way of opening a review for this type of application, but it’s also my first, and I’m excited, so I’m going to leave it at that. And how can I not be excited, when every day it seem like we’re getting closer and closer to colonizing Mars, interstellar travel, discovering alien life, all that stuff? Simply put, today astronomy is something you want to learn more about. And while there are many online sources which you can use, there are also applications that can offer you a very interesting perspective on the matter (and energy). Cosmonium is one such application. The beginning of a virtual space odyssey It should be noted that, while everyone has a unique relationship with the idea of the Universe, Cosmonium isn’t exactly the most unique app. Its interface is strikingly similar to that of Celestia, another space exploration app. Mind you, this isn’t a bad thing, since Celestia is also an open-source program and it hasn't been updated for a few years. It’s also safe to say that any app which tackles space exploration is ambitious, and even though Celestia seemed a bit more polished visually, Cosmonium looks like it’s more functional and more accessible to its explorers. And beyond When you first open the application, you may be tempted to start moving by yourself, like a wandering space spirit or something. Unfortunately, you soon find out that not only is space too vast, but that trying to get to your targets by mouse wheel is a little ineffective. Your best bet is to search for the locations you want to reach and just let the app hyperspace you there (without any cool SFX, unfortunately). Keep in mind that the visuals are far from perfect and that the app still has many glitches. Also, there many more celestial bodies that need to be added. Nevertheless, the program offers you a bit of info about each astronomical body, and you still get a feeling of amazement when you see a star like Arcturus or Polaris up close. This is why I urge anyone with a passion for astronomy to play with Cosmonium for just a little while, even if there are probably better astronomy apps out there.


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“Your destination is the next star, in the sky! Cosmonium is a Cosmo-Dromoscope. Think of it as a cosmic Point-and-view Telescope. Cosmo is the small planet orbiting the star nearest to your target. Dromoscope is the reference in astronomy for the telescope. Just like a planetarium, but with no projection… just you! Cosmo is a ready-made companion for your location. Find your coordinates in the world and, using a graphical representation, Cosmo will tell you what star is your destination. The farther away you are from the target star, the more its projection becomes fuzzy. Dromoscope is the device that is always with you. Cosmo is a planet, star, asteroid, moon, comet… and everything in between. Cosmonium is not a planetarium, but it has all the desired features of a planetarium. Best stellar experience! Astronomy lovers! Cosmonium is a personal experience, it’s not just about studying the stars. This is the place where the Universe (and you) joins. Simple and intuitive interface. Highlight your target with your finger and press “Cast”. And there you go. This app has everything I’ve been looking for. It’s intuitive, gives you a feel of the sky (and the Universe), stars are close to life-size and it gives you a good understanding of astronomy. The only drawback is that the app is still in beta. You can check it out here. Monday, December 8, 2016 How about some music? Today, I’d like to talk about an artist that once I had no idea who he was, but I’m happy to say that I now consider him my favorite artist, the guy who “goes on a journey, makes people feel less alone” (according to his biography)… a little weird, with a lot of personality. Don’t worry. It’s not about that. No, it’s the lyrics. I’ve been listening to Simon Carless for a good few years. He has a deep voice and I’ve always liked his style, but I can’t believe that I discovered him this year. He has a great composition skill, his music is good but not the best

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The Cosmonium program – a magnificent world-building tool for your browser. Explore and even create your own worlds, or simply explore the stars. Live in a realistic universe and follow the evolution of space civilization over millions of years. Here you can learn about the positions of the stars and planets at any given moment and map the movements of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, or any other known and observable celestial body. It is a very realistic universe simulation in 3D that uses actual NASA data. You can see all the distant celestial objects, and even choose the speed, direction, and acceleration of the Earth in space. Realistic orbits of the planets and the Moon and their distances from the Earth. Observe the stars at the horizon and the Sun and Moon at sunset and sunrise. Move the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun in space using the mouse. Change the current solar time to any time. Polar and Equatorial projection of the sky. Select the date and time for your observations, and compare them to the actual data to ensure accuracy. Not only can you follow the evolution of the Earth in space, you can also see all the planets and their orbital locations. The Solar system is well represented: Sun, Moon, the planets, and the first asteroid. The Moon has the same mass as Earth, and the Moon can be moved in space. The Moon moves on its path around the Earth while the Sun rotates on its axis. We had a great time making this, and we hope you do too. By default, Cosmonium runs in 16 bit color mode, but it can be used with any desired bit depth. If you have any suggestions or questions, just email us and we’ll make sure to address your concerns. We’ve been working on this application for months, and we’re super excited about it. We hope you’ll enjoy it, and we’re looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback. Every time I hear someone talking about the Death Star, I get excited. Also, a lot of people are wondering what the data is for the Death Star, as shown on the right side. And what exactly is the Death Star? The Death Star is used to measure the density of large bodies: in particular, the Death Star gives the mass 2f7fe94e24

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Cosmonium is an open-source astronomy application based on the Celestia visualization software. Cosmonium is an interactive virtual sky viewer for your desktop. It allows you to navigate the entire night sky, including the solar system, with ease and convenience. Cosmonium features a very rich, highly accurate, 3D-model of the night sky, which is generated from NASA’s newest high-resolution images of the heavens. The application provides a comfortable, easy-to-use interface to make your navigation experience enjoyable. This top-quality sky rendering software is a powerful tool for any astronomy hobbyist, astronomer, or astrophotographer, and enables you to explore the night sky with ease. License: Cosmonium is free and open-source software. It is free to use, modify, and distribute. It is based on open source code maintained by the Celestia project. The source code for Cosmonium is freely available at the project’s development site. Anybody who wishes to improve the program can submit patches to the Cosmonium source code, which will be incorporated into future versions of the program. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to come to the Cosmonium development forum to exchange ideas, contribute ideas, report bugs and make requests. There is no support available for Cosmonium unless you are willing to pay for it, and even then there is little promise of a response. There is very little maintenance being done on this project – something the developer claims he is too busy with his day job. If you are considering buying Cosmonium, the developer strongly recommends that you download the source code and take a look to see if you think it is worth it to you – and to the Cosmonium project to see how the program can be improved. Download Link: Cosmonium offers a good experience and is free, of course, but if you are looking for a fully featured space exploration app, you may be better off with an alternative. Advertent i read many reviews in the app store, and my first comment is, why this is advertised as ‘Solar System Viewer’ in English, but the description is in french? Because solar system means the sun and planets, but this app wants to show the whole universe… the most important bug, that the title says, is that the config file must be stored on the mote…

What’s New in the Cosmonium?

Ever wanted to explore the universe? Now you can! Cosmonium displays billions of stars, galaxies and planets. It features a realistic sky that can be rotated, zoomed, magnified, and panned, as well as planets and moons to explore. It uses the latest tri-axial BOINC to calculate for you, powering your PC with huge amounts of data. Highlights: · Realistic Sky · Realistic Sky offers a beautiful view of the sky with colorful stars and an accurate sky model. · Explore – Land on planets, moons, and moons with useful info and navigate to specific positions. · Explore – Set the view angle, zoom in and out, magnify, rotate, and pan. · See what the stars would look like if you could travel to their location. · Star Chart – See all the constellation in the sky. · Realistic view – You can see the difference between light pollution. · Realistic view – You can see the difference between light pollution. · GEOBLAZAR – Download the GEOBLAZAR map of the Milky Way and see the celestial bodies in context. · Retina Mode – Tired of looking at hard to read resolutions? Try the Retina display mode. · Solar System – You can see a model of the solar system. · Hand-painted 3D map – As you explore, you’ll see a 2D map with hand-painted 3D model that shows where you’re looking at. XKOSC is a space simulation / simulation game that is fully based on computation in the BOINC project. It is written with a casual focus, yet it is challenging and possible to beat. Based on the success of XKOSC, it was decided to develop an interactive museum, named the XKOMEMENIUM, which is available at the moment. XKOMEMENIUM is intended to be a learning and showing tool for those interested in space exploration and research. It consists of a collection of thousands of images of life in and near the solar system and in the Jupiter and Saturn system, along with other information on these systems. Many of the images and information are hyperlinked to point to related information. In addition, it contains an introductory text and videos on the Pluto and Uranus missions of the 1980s, as well as the Voyager mission near Jupiter. This application’s goal is

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mac OS 10.5 or later Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 or 2.3 GHz or faster. RAM: 8 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 675M or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or newer DirectX®: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 33 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card Controller: Keyboard and mouse



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