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Name Elden Ring
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Elder Scrolls Online, the award-winning, free-to-play MMORPG blockbuster, is now available in the Lands Between – a new, free-to-play MMO experience set in The Elder Scrolls Universe. Discover the Lands Between, a vast interconnected world where you rise as a Tarnished and are guided by grace to ascend the ranks of the nobility and become an Elden Lord. While joining the expansion, players will feel the intense PvP action of the PvP-focused PvP and the cunning strategy required to become a Top Master in PvE. – Powerful and Intense PvP, where the fight is the game! Discover explosive PvP action where defeat means an instant reset to level 1. This means you can easily jump right back into battle, make new friends, and defeat common enemies. – Solid and Smooth PvE Experience. Build your character according to your play style and be guided by grace as you become an Elden Lord. In addition to standard PvE, special High-Level Dungeons in the main game are also added. Game Features: – The Lands Between Elder Scrolls Online is now also available as a free-to-play, online MMORPG, where you can explore the Lands Between. – The Planes of Tamriel – A Wide World Explore the Lands Between, an interconnected world within Tamriel. There is a huge variety of places such as villages, cities, and dungeons. You can freely travel among these areas to enjoy the diversified gameplay and daily lives of the many people that live within the Lands Between. – High-Quality and Unique Graphics Experience Elder Scrolls Online in an immersive world in rich detail. Enjoy its colorful graphics and intricate designs. – The Same, Free-to-Play, Highly Rewarding Game Get ready for the free-to-play, highly rewarding MMORPG experience of Elder Scrolls Online. And, take on the challenge of the task of becoming an Elden Lord as you rise through the ranks to become the ultimate authority. – “Peer-to-Peer” Connection to Others Relax and experience the various stories of the Lands Between with other players that are playing the game simultaneously. – Guild System Join a Guild to have a collective goal in mind together with your fellow Guild members. Game Systems: – Character Slot: Transfer a character that you have created. – Creation and Customization Create a custom character. – Stamina:


Features Key:

  • Epic Fantasy Action RPG – Take on the role of an adventurer and shape your destiny as you move on a tale filled with adventure and fantasy!
  • Battle and Survive – Sword, Gun, and Bow. Always be prepared, carry out desperate attacks, and utilize your great fortune!
  • Strategic Battle System – You can also challenge your friends at the Battle Royale Online mode.
  • Cure Alchemy System – As your heroic spirit flies through the skies, carry a potion on your belt! Combine any three potion ingredients and use Cure Alchemy to craft magic potions.
  • Online Warring System – At the online Battle Royal style battle online, you can challenge your friends and rise alongside them.
  • Elden Ring cinematics:

    • Extreme Fear and Hope –In the final moment of a desperate life, you play the role of an assistant to the main characters, which reflects the futility of life and the end of the world. Fight for the main characters. Fight against the enemy. And after the battle, discover the truth of heaven and hell.
    • Charm of the Main Characters –It looks like a dinner party: a charming entrance and lively dinner talk. But this is a true party where the party host continuously brings in new guests. You become the new party guest, who comes to learn something from the experience of the other party guest. You will be astonished by the stories you hear, and you will learn new things after the party has ended.
    • A Sagacious Elder –It is a lonely path, you know. To pass judgment on other people’s lives. Despite all the many people who say “We should help those who are poor and work hard until we are old” and the struggles to live life, it still seems like the difficulties have never gone away.
    • Smiles and Tears –In a small village, a child named Fumiya is always smiling. However, one day, a strange illness spreads throughout the village, and only Fumiya does not recover his health. With tears in his eyes, Fumiya cries out for help, and the clan of elders that live in the same village prepare to host a dinner party. The next day, Fumiya suddenly recovers his health, and


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      “The game succeeds in combining a large world with interesting and varied activities, and makes your characters appear as a cut above the competition. This is the game you would get if you take everything the previous Dragon Quest games did well, and spread it to its natural conclusion. It’s really hard not to recommend it if you have played Dragon Quest and other JRPGs before.” “Full Review” “It’s nothing like Dragon Quest, but it’s an extremely enjoyable RPG that does its best to appeal to you, if you enjoy the JRPG genre.” “Full Review” “Full Review” “Full Review” “Full Review” BECOME AN ELDEN LORD in the Lands Between – NOW FREE. Buy Now PARTY LIKE IT’S 1995 THOUSANDS OF SWORDS INCLUDED 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE “What’s the point of buying an expensive new game when you can easily be playing for a century at a fraction of the price?” “Ask the Universe” “The world may be in a constant state of peace, but the number of swords found in heaven is three thousand. The more swords in Heaven, the less we know where we are.” Partner Your Party and the World (Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy Tribute Game) “When watching a movie, you can choose to enjoy it to the fullest or actively participate to make the story better.” “When playing a video game, you can only actively participate.” “The world may be in a constant state of peace, but the number of swords found in heaven is three thousand. The more swords in Heaven, the less we know where we are.” “The world may be in a constant state of peace, but the number of swords found in heaven is three thousand. The more swords in Heaven, the less we know where we are.” (Chrono Trigger) “When watching a movie, you can choose to enjoy it to the fullest or actively participate to make the story better.” “When playing a video game, you can only actively participate.” bff6bb2d33


      Elden Ring For Windows

      RISE You are Tarnished, a hereditary member of the Elden line. You are summoned from the Lands Beyond by the summons of the Archon, and receive the power of the Elden Ring in exchange. ARMOR: You are given armor as your starting equipment, which allows you to increase the skills of your Strength, Magic, and Endurance, as well as the Hit Points, Defense, and Health. It does not increase the number of class skills and usable class skills, but you may use the skills that are not usable class skills in your starting equipment. • If you set up as an Archer, you can craft bow that lets you extend your range of vision. You will be able to see all other monsters within a radius of your vision. CLASSES/UNIT EXPAND ELDEN RING game: CLASSES (ALL CLASSES) You are given class skills that increase the Strength, Magic, and Endurance of each class, as well as increase the Hit Points, Defense, and Health of the class, and usable class skills that you can use in battle. Each class can learn up to four usable class skills in addition to the class skills in the starting equipment. The number of class skills that you learn is determined by the class, and the abilities that you learn vary depending on your class. ARMOR: A class skill in your initial equipment that lets you increase the defense of the class when you wear armor. • If you are an Archer, you can learn a class skill that lets you extend the range of your vision. In addition to the class skills you have learned, you will be able to learn up to two class skills in starting equipment for the Archer class. • If you are a Hunter, you can learn a class skill that lets you increase the damage dealt with a bow or crossbow. In addition to the class skills you have learned, you will be able to learn up to two class skills in starting equipment for the Hunter class. • If you are a Paladin, you can learn a class skill that lets you increase the damage dealt with a mace, hammer, or axe. In addition to the class skills you have learned, you will be able to learn up to two class skills in starting equipment for the Paladin class. CLASS/UNIT EXPAND ELDEN RING game: • The other class skills that you


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      BUILD IT, GO IT From the acting in the game to the narrative and controls, we will do our very best to satisfy the emotions and ambitions of everyone! With this determination, we will work hard and bring you to a New Eden where endless possibilities await!

      About SEGA

      SEGA Co., Ltd., today, with its unique brand of creativity, established in the Kingdom of Susano’o, developed an IP consisting of numerous titles and came to be known as the company that “creates entertainment that people cannot put down,” which includes the massively multiplayer online games FINAL FANTASY®, CLANNAD®, and Valkyria Chronicles®. Sega of America Inc., a subsidiary of SEGA, has built on its reputation as a creator of entertainment titles and is now a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products worldwide.

      About this title

      Become the new game world! Rise, Tarnished! Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between! To forge your own name in destiny, you will take on the challenges of this chaotic fantasy world full of endless possibilities! Elden is a new fantasy action RPG developed by tri-Crescent, the creators of the popular online action game UNREAL®.

      The game features a character creating system with a limitless number of customization options for both male and female characters, including face, hairstyle, body shape, skin tone, and weapon, armor and accessory appearance. The story features a multilayered and complex drama where the various thoughts of the characters are constantly intersecting in the empty world of Elden. In this setting, the conflicts and circumstances of the world take on a unique scale and breadth that players can experience from beginning to end.

      Read more here: >

      About tri-Crescent Inc.

      tri-Crescent is a developer that offers an immersive gameplay experience. The company is known for its UNREAL® action RPG series and ‘UNREAL


      Download Elden Ring X64

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    System Requirements:

    CPU: 4GHz RAM: 6GB GPU: 2GB HDD: 30GB SOUND: DirectX 10 compatible with Windows 7 OS Internet: Broadband Internet connection All characters, names, places, organizations, and images in this game are fictitious and are used for the purpose of presenting a playable game. © 2017 Tri-Ace Inc. © 2017 Konami Digital Entertainment. All rights reserved. © 2017 Capcom. All rights reserved. This program is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some items,




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