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The critically acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords joins the RPG player as a co-op adventure that comes to a new conclusion. NOTE: In this game, additional downloadable content will be purchased, online passes may be used, and new characters will be unlocked after completion of the single-player campaign. NOTE: *Due to the nature of the online play, this game does not support the Android operating system. In addition, the platform is not supported in Japan. [Play] 1. Setting the Stage (1/3) 2. The Beginning of the Story (2/3) 3. A New Journey Begins (3/3) 1. Setting the Stage (1/3) The Elder Scrolls Online: Blood Machination is a new fantasy action RPG that enables players to create their own character, and take on a new journey in the Lands Between. Note: This game uses Google Cast and requires a Google TV Cast-enabled device and a Google Home device or other Cast-enabled device on your network. MAIN FEATURES • A Vast World Completely Reimagined In Elder Scrolls Online, the Lands Between is a world that was first established in Skyrim, and now is revisited and expanded to be more than your average fantasy RPG. Players can go anywhere they please to find their own path and discover a vast world with various activities to take on. • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth A complex multilayered story unfolds with multiple perspectives and surprising twists, as what you choose in the past will determine how your actions turn out in the future. • The Online Experience Reinvented Introducing an innovative online experience, players will be able to interact with their friends through an online universe. In addition, characters will be instantly granted additional advantages that cannot be obtained by simply progressing in the game. • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth (cont.) A vast world full of excitement awaits you. A new character will await your every choice and every action. • Let’s Play in RPG-Style! In addition to Single Player, you will experience various online modes. While players can take on quests in other players’ cities, you can choose to play your own story in Online Autonomy, and develop your own character in Solo Customization. ABOUT ELDEN RING GAME: In Elder Scrolls Online


Features Key:

  • 12 Episodes This is the first title in the Elden Ring franchise that focuses on the story of the protagonist, Tarnish. Covering a period of 10 years from 2003 to 2013, the story of the protagonist Tarnish will be revealed through this action role-playing game.
  • Multiplayer Elements While participating in the story, you can travel anywhere in the Lands Between and converse with other characters. Acting as an adventure partner, you can hunt an elusive enemy, or the enemy other characters wield a special power and take it down together. Also, send your characters to a village in order to discuss the fate of the protagonist and other characters. Also, cooperating with others can result in special missions.
  • Different Game Experience Based on the social RPG genre that we have devotedly built for the first title, we plan to introduce frequent changes and added content such as the ability to select characters to participate in the story and quests.
  • Enjoy a Story of Power and Love A heart-stealing girl shines a ray of hope to the protagonist. Let yourself be swept away into the circle of destiny and the spark of romantic love.
  • Elden Ring Release:

    • Summer, 2017
    • iOS, Android, PC (Windows, macOS)
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  • Unzip the downloaded file to your desktop
  • Open the folder and double-click on the first file (Elden Ring-Setup-RU.exe)
  • Follow the onscreen installation instructions and continue the installation when prompted
  • Download and install the EULA to your desktop
  • Install and run (do not open) the Crack
  • Follow the onscreen Crack instructions (for PC (recommended) / MAC (preferred))
  • If the Crack was installed properly you will see the message “Elden Ring” displayed on the screen
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    • This is a direct link to the Elden Ring Click Here!
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    • On the Crack screen, make sure you press “Next”
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