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A thermodynamic equilibrium computation is a useful design aid in providing an assessment of the possible behaviors of a complex reacting chemical system. Such a computation is accomplished easily and rapidly using the modern Windows interface and state-of-the-art computational kernel of EQS4WIN. EQS4WIN is ideally suited for both industrial and educational use. Give EQS4WIN a try to fully assess its capabilities!


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EQS4WIN is a modern, easy-to-use thermodynamic equilibrium computation software, allowing calculation of all equilibrium properties directly in the Windows GUI. It can be used for both industrial and educational use. The basics of software operation EQS4WIN is designed for Windows operating systems. It creates a new window that appears when a computations is run. At the beginning, the window will display the default values of the variables. The default values are displayed in the default units (e.g., liters/kg for volume, degrees C for temperature). These values can be changed using a drop-down menu that appears below the default values. Once you have changed the units, simply click on the Calc button (upper left corner) to initiate the actual computation. The computing graph or “solution curve” will appear in the window (upper right corner). The curve is updated once a second until an equilibrium point is found. Upon reaching an equilibrium point the solution curve will not change. The equilibrium point is reached when the change in concentration of a species (compound, reagent, heat, or enthalpy) is zero. EQS4WIN presents the final computed equilibrium point values in the Results window. The equilibrium point values are displayed in the standard units (e.g., liters/kg, C). The Result window also allows us to change the reaction and steady-state conditions, as well as the units. The units are one of the most important features of the software. In the default units, the value is expressed in liters/kg. For example, the value of the heat of reaction, DeltaH, is in the default units of joules (J)/kg. However, there are other units that EQS4WIN allows for use, such as mol/kg, or degrees C. By choosing another unit, the value of DeltaH will change to that unit. For example, the value of DeltaH will be expressed as mols/kg if the units are changed to mol/kg. Importing data to run thermodynamic calculations To use EQS4WIN for thermodynamic calculations, we must first enter the reaction and thermodynamic data. The software has two data input windows, one for entering equilibrium data and the other for entering thermodynamic data. The equilibrium window contains chemical equations, reaction conditions, activity coefficients, and the name of the species. The thermodynamic window contains the standard enthalpy of formation and the standard enthalpy of reaction

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As a Quick-Start scenario, ‘Thermodynamic_EQS-4_Lite_Description’ was created to give an idea of the capability of EQS4WIN. We invite our users to provide ideas and improvements to the software for a more advanced analysis. Compiling EQS4WIN Lite (Remember the name of the project and the directory which contains the files of this EQS4WIN Lite project. The EQS4WIN Lite project contains all files of the original EQS4WIN project and some additional files and components.) preferences.settings: (No filename is assigned to this file because this file is a key configuration for the project. It is the key file which specifies the project preferences. This file should not be deleted.) use_cron.settings: (No filename is assigned to this file because this file is a key configuration for the project. It is the key file which specifies the use of a cron job to run automatic computations. This file should not be deleted.) In general, a project (project.settings, project.cfg) is a wrapper file which, in turn, is essentially a collection of sub-files: name.settings, name.cfg, name.h, name.c, name.lib, etc. Sub-files (name.settings, name.cfg, name.h, name.c, name.lib) specify the user-oriented characteristics of the project (work with the user, the cron job, computation). The main project file (project.settings, project.cfg) specifies the project parameters (the kernel to be used, computing job scheduling if any, the parallel computing scheme, etc.). The ‘EQS4WIN Lite project is too important for not to be protected from editing and/or deletion. Its files and sub-files are protected by EXEINFO v1.1 (run the EXEINFO executable inside EQS4WIN) and password. Therefore, we recommend that you keep the password after deletion of the project. Here is a very brief explanation of the sub-files of the EQS4WIN Lite project: use_cron.settings (No filename is assigned to this file because this file is a key configuration for the project. It is the key file which specifies the use of a cron job to run automatic computations. This file should not be deleted.) cron.job.builder.lua 7ef3115324

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The free (no-cost) version of EQS4WIN contains only the thermodynamic equilibrium calculation capabilities of EQS4WIN and is easily used to quickly assess possible behaviors of a chemical system. ​ The ​neighbors/solute/solutes tab is limited to identifying the usual suspects. ​Click on the “List All Atom Types” link to identify all atom types that contain a chemical element of interest. Click on the “Sort Properties By” link to sort the list in ascending order for any given property. This version of EQS4WIN does NOT include the optional water and energy calculations that are provided in the full version. Optional solutes are those that have specified “input” atom types. Additional solutes can be added to identify any additional atoms that will be treated as ideal gas (non-interacting with the other solutes or solvent). Any such “ideal gas” atoms can be easily switched on/off by adjusting the “Ideal Gas Properties” box. Ordering of the solvent properties can be adjusted using the check boxes and edit boxes found within the “Solute Properties” section. Try to take advantage of all the functionality available in EQS4WIN and “EQS4WIN Lite” will make your life easier and perhaps save you time! Please visit the website for more extensive documentation:​ This program requires access to a relational database, which is not supported on all types of computers. PC users can use Access(R) Data to connect to an Access(R) database. Mac users can use Microsoft Access. Data can be exported to XML, CSV, SDD or LINK format using DBF export. Contents 1. Supporting Equations 2. The Monolayers Data 3. A Three-Way Subset Method 4. Meaningful Unit Structures 5. Converting Published Units to our Units 6. System Variables 7. Conventions for Thermal Properties 8. Calculation of Viscosity 9. Calculation of Plurality 10. Calculation of Shear Viscosity 11. Calculation of Surface Tension 12. Calculation of Surface Tension 13. Calculation of Eosin Y

What’s New In EQS4WIN Lite?

EQS4WIN is the *definitive* product of the designers and developers of *EQS* and *OpenEQS*. I. EQS stands for **E**quilibrium **S**tatistical **T**hermodynamics and is a comprehensive software platform which can be used to study a wide range of chemical phenomena including: kinetics and rate processes, pressure-volume-temperature (PVT), and thermodynamic properties. *OpenEQS* is a modern, user-friendly version of EQS and is supported by the Free Software Foundation. Together, the *EQS* and *OpenEQS* platforms address chemical engineering and thermodynamics needs of students, teachers, and researchers alike. II. EQS4WIN is a version of the *EQS* and *OpenEQS* products improved and enhanced to be more user-friendly. It features a Windows interface which uses modern technologies. It is extensively *cross-platform* and runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It provides the entire functionality of the basic *EQS* and *OpenEQS* programs. III. EQS4WIN enables a convenient and user-friendly study of basic and advanced thermodynamics concepts and reactions. It is ideal for students, teachers, and researchers. IV. EQS4WIN Lite is a stand-alone *downloaded* version of EQS4WIN which is designed for single students, teachers and researchers to *independently* develop their thermodynamic studies. This is the very *lowest* version of EQS4WIN. It provides many of the basic features of EQS4WIN but is not *as complete* as EQS4WIN. It should not be considered to be a substitute for the full version of EQS4WIN. Additional information and downloads are available at: NOTE: I very much appreciate all of the students and researchers who have and continue to use *EQS* and *OpenEQS* to study the thermodynamic behaviors of chemical processes and reactions. EQS4WIN Lite is available now for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. I appreciate all the support you have provided for *EQS* and *OpenEQS* by releasing this product and would like to thank you for your contributions

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Processor: Intel Core i3 1.6Ghz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 or AMD Radeon HD7870 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: Please create an account on GameFAQs if you do not already have one. This will enable you to access our “Rules and Guidelines” menu at any time. At any time, please contact an



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