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A small application specifically designed to help you easily synchronize files on a FTP server. What you do is right click on your “FTP Synchronization” section on the left panel of the application, select the folder you want, and then hit “Enqueue” in order to have your file updated on the FTP server. You can also drag&drop your files on the FTP Synchronization section to have them enqueued. FtpSyncer Development Details: All files are in source code format. FtpSyncer version 1.1, built on 25-10-2013 09:04 using Qt 4.8.5, with the Qt platform plugin “moc” version 1.12, compiled against Qt 4.8.5. FtpSyncer is available in source and compiled versions on the following OS’s: OSX 10.7 OSX 10.8 OSX 10.9 Android OSX 10.10 OSX 10.11 OSX 10.12 Android 4.4.2 Android 4.4.3 Android 5.1.1 Android 5.2 Android 5.3 Android 6.0 Windows Android 4.4.2 Android 4.4.3 Android 5.1.1 Android 5.2 Android 5.3 Android 6.0 What’s New in Version 1.1: Added: Email notifications when file size exceeds the size allowed. Minimum size allowed when enqueuing files. Moved the log output to a separate file. Log file was always created but you could always modify the log format. Compatibility with the new “Size” filter. Filter for duplicated files removed. Duplicates by name removed. Changelog: 23-10-2013: A new log file has been added, which can now be redirected to a file on disk. A new log file has been added, which is designed for easier reading of the log file. Bug fixed in receiving when the “Write to log file” checkbox was not checked. 31-09-2013: This is an experimental update.It is able to deliver new files from an FTP server. As it uses a custom FTP protocol, it may not be compatible with all servers. Changelog: 05-08-2013: Ftp

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FtpSyncer is a free utility that let you upload and delete files from ftp server without login-logout. You can make FTP in background and work on other application. FtpSyncer Features: 1) Send files from local to ftp server automaticly. 2) Save uploaded file into specified folder. 3) Delete file from local directory after upload successfully. 4) Export/Import FTP settings. 5) Support drag&drop upload. 6) Support batch upload. FtpSyncer Requirements: FtpSyncer require the following software: FTP client FTP server Installation Instructions: Copy and paste the to destination directory. Start ftpsyncer.exe. Click “Import Settings” to import ftp settings (Readme.txt) Download link: We hope you enjoy our tool. We would like to hear from you. Ask us questions and send us your comments/suggestions. The development team is open to suggestions and remarks and will answer them in the first place. Thanks for download, stay tuned for more tools and programs. FtpSyncer – Copyright (c) 2012 2010 – 2012 This will add lots of sites from which you can download free music, but you will need to change the song url from http to https. This is a script that scrapes the mp3 links off your favorite sites and downloads them for you. Gives you the option to change the song url from http to https. It gives you the option to save the links locally or use an ftp server. It lists the songs, writers and albums and you can download the songs, even if they are only 128kbps in quality. CoolFunSoftware Custom Scraping Music Downloads Script CoolFunSoftware – This script scrapes for mp3’s from online. It can be set to save them locally or you can use an FTP server. It also has the option of changing the urls from http to https. If you don’t know anything about installing scripts please read this FAQ first. Requirements If you want to download the script, follow the instructions. If you are using an FTP server, this will all be done for you 2f7fe94e24

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Easily synchronize FTP files FtpSyncer runs on the Windows platform and does not require an installation procedure. It consists of a simple GUI that allows you to browse through various folders and synchronize files based on their extensions. Feature list: * Create FTP accounts * Add FTP accounts from *.txt file * Add FTP accounts from a file list (Ex. C:\ftp_list.txt) * Remove FTP accounts from list * Edit FTP accounts through GUI * Add folders to import folders for a single FTP account * Delete folders * Show FTP accounts names * Show FTP accounts sizes * Show FTP accounts owners * Show FTP account files * Remove FTP accounts which have no files left * Show FTP accounts files * Show FTP account history * Add FTP accounts only if there are no available * Show FTP accounts status * Set FTP accounts working status (whether active or not) * Generate a list of accounts with their respective passwords * Update FTP accounts list file * Check files information * Check files existence * Check files size * Choose FTP directory from list (from current folder) * Choose FTP directory automatically from list * Remove files from directory (from current folder) * Create new folder (from current folder) * Show accounts list * Show accounts detailed list * Show accounts data * Show accounts popularity * Show accounts status * Show accounts usage * Show FTP account details * Check project files name * Edit FTP file attributes * Do not ask for password * FTP transfer run in background * Check spelling * Synchronize file names only * Synchronize file sizes only * Synchronize date and file attributes only * Synchronize date and file attributes and file names * Synchronize file contents only * Synchronize file contents and file names * Synchronize file contents and file names only * Synchronize a file list (Ex. C:\ftp_list.txt) * Upload single file to FTP server (single file) * Select date range for FTP upload * Set file expiration for FTP upload * Show detailed list of FTP accounts content * Show detailed list of FTP accounts usage * Show detailed list of FTP account usage * Show detailed list of FTP account date history * Scan for FTP folder * Add FTP folders from list * View FTP accounts for current folder * View FTP

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FtpSyncer is an application for Windows that allows you to synchronize files through FTP. When files on the local machine are updated or created, the synchronizer will automatically detect them and automatically upload the new files to an FTP server. FtpSyncer Features: There are many features of the program, but what make the most difference is the simplicity of use. Through the intuitive interface, you can simply select the files you want to synchronize, and the app does the rest. So if you create a new file on your machine, FtpSyncer will automatically detect it and upload it to a FTP server. Or if you updated a file, the application will connect to your FTP server, search for the files that need to be uploaded, and do the job. FtpSyncer Reviews: FtpSyncer is a software that allows its users to synchronize files from their hard drive to their server. This feature allows you to automatically upload updated files to a web server, and it is a very useful application if you are using a hosting service like a web hosting package. This application is extremely useful to connect your server to your FTP and synchronize the files there. As the developer says, it is really simple to use. However, there is a slight problem that can affect the users: the app does not work as it should and deletes the files when it finds them on the server, although this issue is rarely an inconvenience. Overall, this application is an affordable and easy to use app. However, if you are using a premium package and want to use it to synchronize files, the developer suggests upgrading to the pro version. iPad to iPod Transfer software helps you transfer information and data from your iPad to your iPod. We have searched the web and found all data and information, you need about iPad to iPod Transfer software. eFileExplorer gives you a reliable solution to backup your data and get help if you lose your documents, photos or eBooks. You can back up your iTunes data and apps as well. You will never need to worry about losing any of your data again. Backup your photos to mobile, pictures, wallpapers and mobile themes. You can backup your photos to your mobile or your camera. Can export them to flac, wav, mp3, wma, ogg, mobi, fli and other files. Files & Databases Synchronizer – Why to use? If you work with databases

System Requirements For FtpSyncer:

PC: * Windows 7/8/10 64bit * Nvidia GTX 550(AMD R9 270 equivalent) with 1GB VRAM * 1GB GPU RAM * 5%CPU * 100Mb/s broadband Internet connection * Keyboard & Mouse * Sound Card * Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Phenom 2.3GHz or above * Windows update may be required * System required or System Compatibility not guaranteed ES: * Switch to internet mode



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