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Inner Peace Screen Saver will allow you to enjoy a beautiful animation on your computer’s desktop. Here are some key features of “Inner Peace Screen Saver”: ■ Option to change and animate colors. ■ Option to change number of 3D animated sprites Limitations: ■ 7 days trial







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— Use Inner Peace Screen Saver to relax and enjoy the appearance of a beautiful animation on your computer’s desktop. Inner Peace Screen Saver is an ideal tool to express your creativity. Inner Peace Screen Saver Features: — – Option to change and animate colors – Option to change number of 3D animated sprites – Option to show/hide “Inner Peace” background – Option to change the background color – Option to turn off/on “Inner Peace” in the taskbar – Option to start/stop “Inner Peace” timer – Option to stop/start the animation – Option to stop/start the spin animation — Inner Peace is an option to combine English, French and the Czech language. This option allows to choose the language directly. Inner Peace Pack contains Inner Peace & 3D Heart & Heart 2! Great 3D Screensaver! Inner Peace – your heart’s best friend. 3D heart is the second form of the original inner peace, inspired by the first really really beautiful 3D-animation called “Hearts”. It’s made for 2 of my very popular windows screensavers. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! 3D heart comes with 20 intro. 3D hearts and Intros are made from a very unique form of 3D-graphics. You will see what I mean with this 3D images gallery! Inner Peace 4 by Venkatadri Inner Peace 4 will please you when you watch it on your screen. It is free and looks great. It is a screensaver that allows you to switch between its four main modes, which include a sleep mode, and the full mode. Inner Peace After Effects Screensaver by Inner peace is an award-winning screensaver which continuously changes the appearance of your desktop. Whether it be the background, and the text or the transition effects, in one way or another everything is interactive. Inner peace comes with its own built-in screensaver control panel, allowing you to easily configure the screensaver to your liking. You can start and stop the screensaver, and even pause the screen saver. Inner peace also comes with a built-in startup screen, so you can configure it to your startup screen. Inner Peace 3D Screensaver by Inner Peace 3D Screensaver is a

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In this amazing screensaver, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful colors, shapes, and little creatures called “Flowers”. Every screen saver contains 12 animated screens. Most of them are hand-drawn animations, but there are a few two-dimensional “Flowers” as well. All in all, “Flowers” Screensaver will not only leave you in peace, but it will help you in forgetting about all that problems you have. This masterpiece screensaver is an ideal gift for people who like children cartoons. There is no need to describe all features of “Sunflower-Screensaver” as they are identical to “Sunflower” screensaver, which you probably already know. We invite you to check out the other screensavers, which we release to the same category. Some of other screen savers from the same category: Leaves-Screensaver ■ 64-bit app (Windows 7) ■ 4 types of animated screens ■ High quality image of the screen ■ Option to save images ■ Option to save images as JPG files ■ Auto hide the task bar and Start menu ■ Ability to change the number of the displayed screens ■ Option to change time of the screens ■ Ability to use 3D wheels Limitations: ■ 1 day trial Sunflower-Screensaver Description: Welcome to the world of “Sunflower” screensaver, where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful animation. Every screensaver will contain three different types of animated screens. Please be aware that you need to have Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7 to use Sunflower-Screensaver. This is an ideal screensaver for the people who like children cartoons and kids characters. Shadaka Screensaver is a special screensaver that will help you to relax and enjoy the screen animation. It is designed specially for the users who need a soothing experience, but with high-quality images. This screensaver helps you to relax, to enjoy the screen animation, and to get away from the problems, which are close to your mind. The screensaver will take you to the cyberworld, where you will get the opportunity to see the small characters (and also big animals) with the sense of humor. There is an option to use one of the pictures 02dac1b922

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■ Inner Peace Screen Saver is a free Animated Desktop Screen Saver that brings you a colorful animation and calming music. It is an amazing combination of a beautiful animation and calming music. ■ Choose the animation: Ball, Flame or Pyramid. ■ Choose the music: Animated Soundtrack, Classical, Meditation, Relaxing. ■ Colorize the animation: Colors, Backgrounds and Sprites. 0 Freeware Halo world screen saver-FEEL THE UNITY – 3D screen saver Description: Halo World Screen Saver show a view of the planet Halo. You can experience the beauty of living in the world that has a lot of difficulties. Limitations: Screen saver can be installed only to four screen resolutions. (1200×800, 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480). Inner Peace 1.0.3 – Inner Peace Screensaver. Free Animated Screen Saver. With Inner Peace you can create relaxing screensavers with beautiful 3D Animated pictures and calm music. 1.0.3 Freeware Enchant (Enchanted Desktop Screensaver) – 3D animated Screensaver Description: Enchant is a simple 3D animated screensaver, with a peaceful touch. You can watch the beautiful animation and relax and fall asleep after viewing the screensaver. Enchant is a screensaver that will bring you into the peaceful world of enchantment. 3.0.2 Freeware Serena – Dynamic Screensaver Description: Serena Dynamic Screensaver will bring you the atmosphere of nature. The pictures of Serena are so colorful, you will feel that you are in the nature. That’s the atmosphere of serena. 0 Freeware Edwin – A Diamond Screen Saver Description: Edwin is a diamond screen saver. With this special screensaver, you can enjoy a calm animation, as well as the atmosphere of nature. 3.2 Freeware Pattern – Diamond Screen Saver Description: Diamond Screen Saver is a unique screensaver that reveals the fascinating pattern of the diamond, as well as the atmosphere of the fairy tale. 0 Freeware Angelia – Butterfly Screen Saver Description: Butterfly Screen Saver is a very beautiful screensaver. You can see the wings of the butterfly

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Imagine watching a magic carpet mesmerize all the passers-by. A delightful balloon animations on your computer’s desktop will make you forget about all the bad stuff in your life! Inner Peace gives you a chance to relax after a hard day’s work and forget the existence of your problems. Choose from several stunning Inner Peace themes with beautiful backgrounds and icons to make your desktop exciting! Now, go and enjoy the magic of Inner Peace! Syllable Soundboard with Rounded Splash Screen v1.1 Syllable Soundboard with Rounded Splash Screen is a Windows mobile app that can be installed directly to your Nokia, Samsung and HTC mobile device! This app is a new way to have access to any spoken word used by our software, such as Syllable definitions, or commonly used words or phrases used in the Syllable or Stop. With the app and mp3 files on your mobile device, the app will access the mp3 file with the word that is highlighted on your device screen. You can do different operations such as: 1. Delete the definition on the screen. 2. Display the definition on the screen (without the mp3 file). 3. View a definition of a word not currently on the mobile screen. 4. Clear the definition in the screen. 5. Change the selection in the flash card. 6. Increase the magnification on the screen. 7. Change the brightness on the screen. The app gives you the ability to view the definition directly on the screen, without the need for the mp3 file with the definition. Also, the app allows you to save the definition on your mobile device and put it into the flashcard as well. If you want to see a demo of the program, please visit: Other features of the app: 1. Animated background screen 2. The mp3 files of the definitions will be loaded into the app. 3. Automatically update the definitions whenever an update is available. 4. The app will allow the definition to be automatically selected and activated at any

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• Players must own the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch to play this title. • Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account are required to play online. • If a new membership is needed, the most recent Nintendo Account was created using a Nintendo Switch system or other system that has been linked to a Nintendo Account. • To create a new account, please call 1-844-256-4300 (United States) or +44(0)870 585 0804 (United Kingdom). Xbox LIVE:



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