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Details about a particular process in simple window with graph, list, and details pane Color-coded graph to track start and stop activity Information about the process, including the full path to the executable file, PC user, process path, command line, operating system, and architecture type of the executable Ability to open the selected process executable file Protection against unauthorized access Pros: It’s free software and doesn’t need to be installed. It’s a portable tool so you can carry it around easily. Cons: It’s not possible to filter results by name. It’s not possible to change the graph scale to more closely fit the data in the display. Free Process Tracker Free for download from the official website of the tool. Process Explorer Description: Information about a particular process in details pane Navigate to the containing folder of the process to get the executable path Process Tracker Description: Information about a particular process in details pane Zoom into the graph to get an exact view of all recorded activity Pros: It is available as a free standalone tool. The startup analysis information of a process is displayed in more detail compared to the other application. Cons: There is no ability to filter results by name. It’s not possible to adjust the graph scale. System Information Free tool provided by Microsoft to view details about your system. It’s installed by default in Windows 8 and 10. In most cases, its value is limited to displaying basic information, such as computer name, Windows version, architecture type, and processor name. However, it does offer a second-level analysis of the system, complete with a list of all hardware, software, installed drivers, applications, startup and shutdown times, user rights, and idle time. System Information Description: Basic information about the computer, including computer name, Windows version, architecture type, processor name, and hard drive details. Advanced system analysis section, with a list of hardware components, software and all installed drivers, and applications. Output of the Windows Troubleshooting Framework, including the AutoRun registry keys, system troubleshooting and repair information, and Error Reporting categories. Analysis of the Idle Time section includes the Idle Time settings for the system, CPU, and display. Pros: It’s a free tool from Microsoft. In addition to basic information, it’s possible to analyze the complete details of a computer

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It monitors your computer and records the runtime of all running processes. These reports are saved in the user’s profile folder. Settings are remembered on exit. Working Principle: After you launch the tool, it automatically searches and starts each process. Using the “Filter process” and “View details” buttons, you can filter information that belongs to a specific process. The graph is color-coded, so it’s easy to understand the start and end time. Additional features: In the “View details” area, you can click on a selected process to view the detailed information of the process. The application not only tracks the running time but also lists the process ID, process name, command line, user, Windows user group, and operating system. Some tools offer an extensive feature set, while others might be more user-friendly, to name a few. In this article, you’ll learn more about some of the most popular software to manage your PC and solve issues that you have with Windows. Tipard DVD to WAV Converter 2.4.1 Tipard DVD to WAV Converter is designed to rip DVD to WAV and convert DVD to MP3 and M4A in batch mode. Main functions include DVD to MP3, DVD to WAV, and DVD to WMA. User-friendly interface enables you to select the output profile you need and adjust the related parameters to get best quality of video and audio. You are allowed to rip DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV, as well as the WMA output format, such as WMA-I, WMA-V, WMA-Lite, and WMA-xL, so you are empowered to enhance the video quality for conversion. You can easily put a smile on your face as the output MP3, WAV, and WMA files can be played on your portable devices with WMA compatible player. No matter which disc device you have, you can rip DVD movie to MP3, WAV, or WMA files at a high speed. File Mechanic 2.2 File Mechanic is a private and professional file manager for Microsoft Windows. The software provides an intuitive interface and automatic sorting of files and folders, automatic file compression and archiving, password protection, and support of all the popular file sharing protocols (e.g. FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, SMB, HTTP/2 2f7fe94e24

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Process History is a lightweight Windows tool that monitors your computer and records the runtime of your processes to generate a graphical report. This way, you can find out the exact processes that get started whenever you use a specific application. Monitor running processes using a portable tool This is a portable product so installation isn’t necessary. You can save the utility to a USB flash drive and directly launch it on any PC. Settings are remembered on exit. Also, there are no software requirements involved, like.NET Framework. However, it’s a good idea to run the tool with administrative rights to avoid any reading access errors. The interface of Process History is user-friendly, made from one window with a simplistic appearance, where you can start the query with one click. All processes are monitored and, by default, the activity of all of them is displayed in this list. Filter processes by name, open their directory, and view details However, you can indicate the executable file of a particular process in order to filter data. The graph is color-coded, so you can check out the start and stop time, along with the full file path to the process in question. Furthermore, you can visit the containing folder of a process from the right-click menu, run the selected application, go to the start and end recording time of the process, as well as view detailed information on the bottom side of the window, such as PC user, process path, command line, operating system, and architecture type of the executable file. Easy-to-use, yet flawed process history tool We haven’t encountered any compatibility issues with Windows 10. The application successfully captured the runtime activity of processes and had minimal impact on the computer’s performance. On the downside, it’s not possible to zoom into the graph to get a better view, nor to increase the font size of the detailed process info. Although it’s a relatively simple tool, Process History is not exactly intuitive. The buttons don’t have tooltips with descriptions and their purpose becomes clear only by reading the status bar after clicking them. Furthermore, reports cannot be copied or saved to file. Process History provides you with a way to easily view the process graph of a particular application. By starting it up, you can get a snapshot of the applications you use the most. You can set the graph to a different time interval than the default, change the order of the graphs, and add filters so you can inspect the activity of a certain application. The main reason to use

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For Windows 7 and 8.1 users who want a simple, lightweight process viewer and recorder, Process History is a great choice. KerlOne Managing resources is not a problem in case of Windows Task Manager, though it does not directly reveal the current resources like memory, CPU usage. It gives the user a quick glance of the current performance of the computer system. It gives the users a quick insight into the resources usage during the running of software or an application. It also gives the user an insight into the working of the software and how the application is running. The user can observe the resource usage of an application that uses the resources at the time of its operation. The users can also avoid the applications that consume the large amount of resources while their operations. View Used Resources During a Software Operation and Avoid Applications that Consume More Resources in the Future Software running on the system can create various resources on the computer system as they are running and performing their respective operations. You may have a resource intensive software to run and you want to find out the amount of resources that your software consumes. In such cases, the software manager needs to be the best friend of the users to help them discover the resource used by the software. According to surveys, the users do not always pay attention to the resource usage of the software while installing and running the software. It happens so because most of the users forget to check the resource usage or just do not care to check it. In such scenarios, the software manager should monitor the resources and show the resource consumption of the currently running software and the previous software from where it was installed. The software manager should also show the resource usage for all the software on the computer, from which it was installed, if not installed on the system. Further, the software manager should be capable of taking the proactive approach in the case of any software issues or software problems. One of the most common software errors is, software consumes too much resources on your system that prevent the work on your system. The software manager needs to be aware of the resources consumed by the software and if the software consumes a large amount of resources, it should notify you about the software problem. The users can use the software manager as a troubleshooting tool for the application while trying to figure out the problem or the issue that they are facing with their applications. They can use the software manager as a tool to prevent the software from creating too much resource usage during its operation. This will help

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