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Made for Yahoo! Widget Engine, Radio Farda is a gadget that provides quick access to the Persian radio station named Farda. It doesn't come equipped with any special options or configuration settings. Apart from Yahoo! Widget Engine, you must have Real Player installed. Double-click to play radio The interface is represented by a small frame that can be moved anywhere on the desktop with the help of the mouse cursor. In order to load the Farda radio stream, all you have to do is double-click any area of the widget. The same action is required for stopping playback. The customization options available are the ones shared between all Yahoo! Widget Engine apps: you can instruct it to always stay on top or below other frames, ignore all mouse events to disable any interaction with the widget, as well as prevent mouse dragging. Plus, you can tweak the window transparency level. Apart from the fact that you can hide or close the tool, there are no other notable settings. Evaluation and observations Unsurprisingly, it didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the computer in our tests, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't freeze or crash. However, since the Yahoo! Widget Engine project has been discontinued (it can still be downloaded from Softpedia), Radio Farda will no longer receive any new updates. Sadly, it doesn't contain basic features usually found in radio players, such as displaying the currently running radio program, or adjusting the volume level. Conclusion To wrap it up, Radio Farda offers a simple solution for listening to the Persian radio station, as long as you have Yahoo! Widget Engine and Real Player set up on your computer.


Download ———>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ———>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Overview In order to play this Free RealMedia / RealAudio stream, you’ll need to have installed Real Player 8 or greater. No soundcard is needed, but real player with wav support is required. Installation Place the extracted RealPlayerXP-8.0.0.exe file into your system program files directory, such as ‘c:\program files\real player’, and run the realplayer.exe program. For future updates we recommend you register with Softpedia. Feedback If you have any comments, questions, or feedback you can always contact us via the contact us form on our website or on the discussion page.Following a complaint made by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered a case to probe the recovery of a huge cache of gold from three premises allegedly linked to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat in Jaipur. The matter was first reported by NDTV earlier this month. The ED had started its probe based on information and locational details of one of the three premises, as detailed in the FIR registered by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on August 30. The premises were recovered through surprise raids conducted by the ED and the CBI. “Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and several senior Congress leaders have given verbal complaints to the ED. They have also raised this issue in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. They have raised the issue several times,” an ED official said, adding that the complainant had also urged the Centre to step up action. Interestingly, all three premises, the ED has alleged, were illegally occupied by the RSS. However, only two of the properties were raided — the one at Vastu Puri in the capital and the other in Jaipur. The other is in Bundi. Also Read: Jaipur headquarters of RSS-BJP’s Bharatiya Janata Party was raided As per the FIR, the premises was allegedly occupied by Bhagwat without carrying out the mandatory statutory clearance. The officers named in the FIR are the Tehsildar of Kamaria and District Judge of Modapura. There are six other premises listed in the FIR, all linked to the BJP and its parent organisation, the RSS. These are in Ahmedabad, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Delhi

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Use This Yahoo! Widget To Access To Persian Radio Station. Farda Radio live is a non stop Radio broadcasting. Consists of a live stream of the stream of the radio station Farda. broadcasts Farda live via the internet, You can select the radio channel or program to view the stream and listen to live broadcast of the radio. Songpal Records radio recordings in different languages of the world. Play Your Favorite Radio Songs. Live Radio broadcasts Internet Radio and radio activities in many countries around the world. Internet Radio permits anyone to do their activities and manage their own stations and programs. You can listen radio station programs from the Streaming World Radio station to your computer. Pipya is available in any language of the world and everything is automated. Watch live Farda stream in the Farda Radio player. Like us on: Comments and corrections are always welcome! Wanna know how to share your favorite mobile phone ringtone files without paying? No problem. Just follow the steps below. How to Transfer Ringtones From Android to iPhone Ringtones are often used as a way to enhance sound quality on your mobile phone or other handheld device. These files can be one long beep or one of many different sounds. The most common mobile phone ringtones are melodic, digitized sounds that can be set as your main ringtone or as the alert sound. Often they are played as the screen turns off (Do Not Disturb). Most mobile devices now have the ability to change your ringtone. This is especially true with the iPhone. Android is a little different, but thanks to some great iPhone apps, you can easily sync your iPhone with your Android device. It is always a good idea to back up your ringtone files. If your ringtones become corrupt or destroyed, it is a good idea to backup your files to an external hard drive so that they are safe, even if the device is destroyed. You can browse through your phone’s files on your computer or browse them online by downloading the file manager. You can also use our free Ringtone Sampler at It will lead you to various ringtone sites for free ringtones, including our own Ringtone Creator. Download ringtone files First, you will need to download the original ringtone files from your phone. You can 2f7fe94e24

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Manage Farda radio – never miss any new program Manage Farda radio is a useful tool to help users always be at the center of attention. This widget shows Farda’s RSS feed. -Farda Showing a page -You can listen to Farda with Real Player -Rate Farda based on number of votes and comments -Favorite Farda -Download Farda Showing a page You can manage the very popular “Farda” radio station with this handy widget. Features -Displaying the current Farda radio program -Downloading Farda – showing a page – Your Rating -Rate your favorite Farda based on number of votes and comments -Download Farda – You can listen to Farda with Real Player -Favorite Farda – Suggest people to download Farda -You can show Farda Showing a page on your desktop Please rate our app and give your suggestion to us. This app supports 1.10 version. Version 1.10 Changes from version 1.9 -Has been redesigned Ratings and Reviews Check our FAQs Add your own feedback and ratings for Yahoo! Widget Engine, Radio Farda! I hate the Radio Farda. The widget doesn’t work. It tells me that there is something wrong with the Farda link. It only works with RealPlayer but I don’t like using RealPlayer. It’s a very lightweight widget and doesn’t require any extra plugins or addons. So go ahead and download it. You won’t regret it. This radio is awesome but I cannot download it and the only reason for this is the Radio Farda. Does anyone know if the Radio Farda will be on the website of Yahoo and will be available for download? Ever since I got my first PC, I have always listened to Persian radio. I used to use Winamp on Windows and listen to Radion on Macs and Linux computers (not just computers, but also TV boxes). Now I listen to Farda through this widget. It’s very easy to use and incredibly light. I tried installing others and this was the best, as it was light, not hogging resources and had a clean look. I only wish it had more settings, more options, multiple ways to download. It would be perfect

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Radio Farda (by Farda radio of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) is a small application for the Microsoft Windows platform, which allows users to listen to Persian radio stations from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The Internet radio technology is implemented in this app. It requires Microsoft Windows, but does not require any installation of special hardware or software. It is extremely easy to use; a minimum understanding of Microsoft Windows is enough to use it. The minimum system requirements are: an Intel CPU at the Intel 800 MHz speed; 128MB RAM; and a hard disk drive with at least 600 MB of space. You can download the application from here: Publisher: Farda Radio Network Developer: Farda Radio Network What is new in this release: 3.00 (2012.12.22) Optimized your user experience Fix issues with updating your app Fixed bugs What is new in this release: 3.00 (2012.10.13) Restored the previously removed website logo and added the new one Fixed possible crashes with Internet Explorer 11 Changed the location of the shortcut of the app to Favorites Fixed the issue with playing RTSP stream 3.00 (2012.08.23) Fixes issues with the beta Added HLS support for PocketCast 3.00 (2012.08.21) Fixed some issues with update to the latest SDK Fixed bugs 3.00 (2012.08.20) Fixed: the main window was not correctly centered in the screen Fixed: the file path is not updated when you switch the files in the folder Fixed: the app works correctly if you use the internet explorer 9 in Windows 7 Added support for double-click to play Fixed: default configuration 3.00 (2012.08.19) Fixed: the main window wasn’t centered Removed the shortcut to the new version Fixed some issues with the connection to PocketCast Fixed some issues with connection to the radio Fixed some issues with button placement and color 3.00 (2012.07.27) Fixed some issues with the new version Added support for the new version of the SDK Fixed bugs 3.00 (2012.07.13) Improved the stability

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