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Elden Ring, a fantasy action RPG that was officially announced in 2013, takes place in a world where the Gods live in the Void, and the Gods are crossing over into the human world. Among the players is a potential God and a rare, living being who was entrusted with a Sacred Gear. Their mission is to defend the Void against the Gods who came into our world. More about Elden Ring: [ [Image taken from: “Rise, Tarnished”] PRODUCT INFORMATION Title: Elden Ring Official Website: Product Type: PC version (Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10) Pricing and Purchase: • Please visit our official website to find out more information about the product. [ [ — PRESS RELEASE — New fantasy action RPG for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One: Elden Ring Red Candle Games, the developer of “Yomawari: Night Alone” and the developer behind the successful PlayStation 4 release “Sherlock: The Devil’s Daughter”, are proud to announce the release of “Elden Ring”, a fantasy action role-playing game for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game takes place in a world in which the Gods live in the Void and the Gods are crossing over into the human world. Among the players is a potential God and a rare, living being who was entrusted with a Sacred Gear. Their mission is to defend the Void against the Gods who came into our world. Their bosses may seem like Gods to humans, but they are not an all-powerful force, and they are in fact very weak and immortal. They are mortal and fragile, and as such are destroyed when defeated. A land of three kingdoms in the middle of the Void What the Gods think of, humans cannot know, but they are certainly aware of them. These humans have developed to be something of Gods themselves, so they are acknowledged as “Elves.” The world of Elden Ring is a vast and open


Features Key:

  • 1. A Powerful New Action-RPG Game Full of Fantasy Drama
  • 2. Unique Characters that You Crave to Meet in a Multilayered Story Told in Fragments
  • 3. A Vast World Where Discovering Things Is Exciting
  • 4. Customize Your Own Favorite RPG Character
  • 5. A Rich Fantasy Adventure Game That Lets You Develop Your Character according to You Play Style
  • 6. A Welcome New Action-RPG Experience to Refresh the RPG Fans
  • 7. An Online Game where you can Pass the Time with Others by Playing More Adventures
  • 8. You Can Connect with Other Players and Travel Together, and You Can Experience a Multilingual Action-RPG with Over 60 Characters
  • 9. Rise, Tarnished, and Become an Elden Lord
  • 10. A Large Role-Playing Fantasy Game of Epic Proportions
  • Elden Ring in detail

    The power of the Oath-bearers sets in motion the greatest tragedy in the history of the Desolated Plains. Out of their greed for the eternity’s sake, they plundered the power of the gods, and in the process showed their true colors. At that point of time, the most sacred ruler of the planes, the god of the Moon and the Earth, the Storm God was in disgrace. He was banished to the Moon, and the Oath-bearers were accordingly cursed. Afterwards, the Oath-bearers founded a new religion, and during the era of Darkness and the Oath, they expanded their empire. They enslaved the gods, and the land was filled with the suffering of despair. The Frozen Plain was the only exception, and there, the gods of creation and destruction lived in ancient isolation. The endless cycle of misery began… the kingdom of Karthea and Sareth were founded by the Oath-bearers at that time.

    When all the tribes of Free People set out on a journey in search of meaning in their lives, the new king of Karthea and Sareth, Zar Sareth, along with the intrepid adventurer Navi, led the tribe, as well as their royal guards, through the


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    “A variety of interesting enemies, the special moves of the difficulty progression, and the high-paced gameplay all demonstrate that the development is alive and coming up with new ideas to add to the status of the game.” Android (Appadvice) “The game is very well-developed, and the various bullet point items are extremely unique. It’s quite refreshing to encounter such a well-rounded and well-delivered product.” (Kindle) “I really like the story, but the lack of content and the long times I spent playing the game overwhelmed me.” Kotaku “Overall the game is incredibly balanced, with no one class feeling better or worse than any other in the final combat.” “As it stands, the game is one of the most addictive, fun and realistic looking fantasy games available on mobile.” (iPhone) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS * Android Devices Android OS 2.3.3 and up * Features a significant number of in-app purchases; * Destructible environments; * A wide variety of enemies to fight, completing 24 unique quests; * Highly detailed and immersive game world. AVAILABILITY * Mobile Gaming has been optimized to run on the x86 architecture-based Android 2.3 devices and up; * English (including English, American, and British) native menu and in-game text; * Power/Vol/Others – Other languages available with additional in-app purchases. OTHER ENDS – * When playing together with other users, you and the other users can meet up in various geographical areas. We aim to synchronize your game progress in order to allow easy engagement. – * Other than feature-limited downloading, game play time is not limited on the x86 architecture-based Android 2.3 devices and up. (Please refer to device specifications) This item will be sent with a tracking number which you can find inside the package. You can find all your payment details in the checkout. SPECIFICATIONS GAMEPLAY GRAVITY Time to awaken Untarnished Level-up Top 5 on Google Play CELLULAR: 3G/ bff6bb2d33


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    GEMEISCHE VERSION Stuck in the middle of the vast World Between, the combat is non-targeted like in the first and last Fantasy games, but more precise like in the Final Fantasy role playing games. Holding down the R1 button, you can collect strength to use as you fight. This allows you to enhance your attack at will. Each of the four elements has its own role in fighting, and you must strategically use them all to deal with the enemies. The first element is growth. By using this element to boost your strength, attack, and magic, you can increase your attack power to increase your score. The second element is defense. By using this element to repair your skills and healing magic, you can reduce the damage your life points will take when you are hit. The third element is agility. By using this element, you can extend your movement range, enhance your defense, and jump. The fourth element is speed. By using this element, you can change your skills and execute speed attacks. The game system will gradually increase the difficulty of the battles. Other features include the automatic acquisition of items, the random event system, the variety of skills to increase your combat power. GAME MEISTER VERSION Gemeinschaft Version, seite 1 von 3 (01.08.19) The main gameplay takes place in a vast world where the four elements of growth, defense, agility, and speed are merged with a new fantasy game system, allowing you to feel the passion of a hero and express yourself in the battles. You will be able to customize the appearance of the main character and use many items and skills, as you will need to develop a battle strategy to overcome the different enemies. THE STORY The world of Fehren, which you will fight in the game, lies in the Lands Between, a world in which the four elements of growth, defense, agility, and speed are combined. In the midst of the wide open world, there are many places that are known to have magical properties, and you will have to change your journey when you go to those places. The main character is traveling in the world to learn the mysteries of the world, and when you find out the truth about your world, you will be able to attack the enemy and lead the fight for your own power. With this fantasy RPG game that is filled with the magnificent path


    What’s new:

    The New Fantasy Action RPG will be available for Android smartphones via Google Play in summer 2018. Please start your DMM Fantasy adventure with your very own personal quest starter. So far, 6 character class missions are available. At DMM Japan, we will work together with you to establish a thrilling, enjoyable experience.

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    1.Download and install ELDEN RING 2.Add Game Key from.txt file into game and overwrite the file 3.Run game and you should have.exe 4.Play game How to play ELDEN RING cheat: 1.Launch Game and Login to your game account. 2.Open the menu and click on properties, check the cheat “Enable Cheats”. 3.You can now select a cheat to use. 4.How to use cheats: Force Lvl. Up: Press “s” Invincibility: Press “1” Invulnerability: Press “2” Invulnerability and mp12 speed: Press “3” Teleport: Press “4” Backpack: Press “5” Jump: Press “6” Run: Press “.” DYNAMIC COMBAT: – In PvP, you will have to adapt quickly to the circumstances. – In PvE, you will have to choose the way to challenge the boss. – In a normal level, you will encounter a lot of monsters. – In difficult level, with its 19 bosses, you will be confronted by an array of new threats. COST SYSTEM: – You can build, repair, and customize weapons, armor, or magic. – The cost for each upgrade varies according to the type of materials used to build it. – Using materials may result in unforeseen consequences. The game will warn you if you exceed the material costs. INTELLECT: – Enjoy the universe presented in ELDEN RING. – Plan your combat strategy and make it work. – Use the right items at the right time to defeat your foes. – Show your mastery of combat strategies. HOW TO BUILD A SPELL: You can create and learn spells by equipping specific weapons, armor, or magic, and using runes that can be acquired by leveling up. – Find a magical weapon with a maximum level of 5 and equipped it to your character. – Find a magic item with a maximum level of 4 and equipped it to your character. – Find armor with a maximum level of 5 and equipped it to your character. – Find a rune with a maximum level of 4 and equipped it to your character. – Equip the items, kill the enemies, collect the materials, and level them up. – Increase the


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    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X – 10.4 or later (10.5 recommended) – 10.4 or later (10.5 recommended) Windows – Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 1 GHz or faster processor (2 GHz recommended) 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) 50 MB free hard drive space 1024 x 768 display resolution Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 or higher, Safari recommended HTML5, CSS and JavaScript recommended Editor’s notes: Take a look at the Free-to-play Half-


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