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Lead your party to victory. Cast your spells, unleash your moves, and brandish your sword in this brand new turn-based roleplaying game from WKC. With the power of Godgrasp, The seal of Mazarath… The Seal of Mazarath. Deamons from afar, Are you willing to contend with fate? A battle that consumes the world, The power to save both of them. This is the story of… The Tales of the Dawn. “Grand Tree” The legendary princess from the past, Her return before that of the god. And the path she sets your party on is… The world of the Dawn. As you traverse the White Tree, Divert… …the flow of time to forge the tale… The Legend of the Legendary Merchant-General, The Hero of Elvenjade Beyond the universe of the infinite, A new land shall appear before the eyes of all. In this new land, A legend born in the ancient past, Enfolds a power that protects the peace… The Legend of the Legendary Merchant-General. A new story, written in the sky… You are born in this world, And you’ve begun your journey… The legend of the Legendary Merchant-General. In this world, Each of us… a close portrait of the world of the infinite. “See you soon, next time…” The legendary merchant-general. “Next time, the Legendary Merchant-General, I want to meet him!” Click image to visit game site. Click image to view gameplay video. ABOUT WKC: The developer of the Tales of the Dawn and the Tales of the Dawn 2 series of RPGs, headquartered in Shimokita, Japan. For more information on WKC, please visit king/ More about the Tales of the Dawn series: More about the Tales of the Dawn 2 series of RPGs:


Features Key:

  • 3D dungeons filled with action
  • Accurate, particle-based graphics and events
  • Battles that progress with no loading times
  • Simple, clean UI
  • Artistic gameplay mechanics
  • Replayable content
  • Elden Ring Story

    A majestic planet, the once-pristine world that everyone had once looked up to, has fallen into ruin. War and strife have riven the land. Ravaged by war, the world has crumbled into a dust of darkness. Elder, Tarnished, and the other Elden forces have operated in secret to rebuild it from the ashes.

    The Emeralders invaded, and their merciless siege and scorched land scorched the beauty of the world. To subdue them, the Wyld has raised a great, awakened, all-consuming power that has converted the scorched world into a hellish enigma. Now, the time has come for the other races, the Elden, to make amends for their countless crimes and work together for a brighter future with the Emeralders.

    However, just as the Elden learned of a new power awoken in the Emeralders, a great evil emerged from nowhere. A being riding a horse who calls himself the Destroyer. Extinguished by the fires of death, he ambushed the Humans, Elves, Elden, and Wyld, then left behind a trail of destruction. Numerous of one of the races’ giant monsters, on one side, and the Elden priests, on the other, have been weakened from the attack. The Elden have spotted the way ahead, and began their journey for the Castle of Barat.

    As the Elden rush into the darkness, the Elden Lord Noren would want you to accompany them, in order to experience a new, tale-filled fantasy.

    ■ Action RPG

    New aspects of RPG. +
    Dream, plus, romance, like a genuine fantasy!



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