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The Elves, Men, Dwarves and Orcs come together to fight a powerful evil called the Scorned who are gathering strength in the Lands Between to break through to the Elden Rune itself. For this job, you were recruited. A Rune Gloomed from the Elden Ring that can absorb the power of the Elden Rune is in danger. Meet the party that will rise and protect the Elden Rune and save the Lands Between. 1. The Dark Hero. A weak level 2 hero with a strange name. He is an Elden, born in the lands of the Elden Rune. He is able to absorb the power of the rune using the Dark Hero’s ability. He is generally weak to attacks using fire, as he is an Elden, but because he can use the power of the rune, he becomes stronger than the others. 2. The Elvar. An Elden of the second class who can absorb the power of the Elden Rune. The Elvar can use moves only known to the Elden Rune. The Elvar will protect you as much as he can. 3. The Squire. A level 3 hero with a name you can only understand with an aid of coins and a map. The Squire can use magic based on the Elden Rune. He is called to the Elden Rune through the power of the scorned. He feels the impact of the rune on the palm of his hand and will make an affirmative gesture for a quest for that rune in order to assist you. 4. The Warrior. A level 4 hero you can only find in the Lands Beyond. He is a warrior with high physical strength who uses a sword and a shield. 5. The Paladin. The hero is a level 5 hero. He is called to the Elden Rune to protect the Elden Rune. He is a god of justice and he is tasked with eliminating evil. He seeks out those who have gone astray and sets them on the path of the righteous. 6. The Leader. The hero is a level 6 hero. He is a warlord who leads a unit of up to 500 soldiers. He can only be recruited at level 6. He can be used to aid a specific quest, and can be used to eliminate remaining enemies. 7. The Martial. The hero is a level 7 hero. This hero is


Features Key:

  • Explore a Vast World: A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
  • Full Strength in Battle: With different types of attacks and diverse skills, special abilities, and upgrades, you can bring your strength to bear against enemies that are all different in size. Along with brutal combat, you can defeat enemy bosses with your own personal techniques in addition to conventional methods. Whether defending or pouncing from a forward diagonal attack, you can fully express yourself with your amazing special skills and abilities.
  • System of Easy to Use, Easy to Play: To strengthen your bonds to and protect your friends and allies in the game, you can partner up a team where your allies can accompany you and act as back-up during battles. In addition, you can build your own Guild or Arena, and within the Guild, you can place items, equipment, and rare monsters to your own liking. To fully immerse yourself in the adventure of Lords and Lords of a vast world, you will need to prepare yourself.
  • Something for Everyone: In addition to powerful attacks and techniques, you can build up your strength by equipping good items and equip them. Players can freely customize their weapons and armor to create their own unique style.
  • A Tale Whose Time has Come: A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
  • Development Team:

    • Project leader: [HOUSESTARS]
    • Artists: [Inukashi], [Hitoshi], [Sorisha], [Fushimi], [Hairaila], [Kindam], [Okuma], [K.I.E.N.O], [Harley], [K.S]
    • Sound Fam: [Chrome], [ShinkuTak], [K.H.M], [Umiya], [CRU


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      ▶ The game will be released in Japan on November 20, 2018. The price will be confirmed at a later date. The title will be translated into English. ▶ Dual Audio Navigation is supported. ▶ Detailed operation is smooth. ▶ The game is playable at your place. Game Overview: In the middle of the old continent, it was once a time when the air was clear and the sun shone brightly. Now, it has become a twisted world. The story of a young man. Now. Tarnished is an action RPG where players can freely go anywhere, and an online character platform to play together. Players can customize the appearance of their character and engage in co-op multiplayer action. Fantasy Action RPG The world has become inverted. What is a world that is dying to protect its inhabitants? A land without meaning. A land without hope. Idyll, a new world in which the sun shines brightly and people live without limitations. The world of the Land Between has been created from the dead cities that once belonged to the great continent. The legendary continent was here long ago, and the depraved people made it their own. The dead cities are being revived, and with that, a new world that had never seen the light of the sun is born. Who will assume the role of an Exe? ▶ Take on the role of the protagonist of a dark fantasy story. ▶ Find a path through a world of mystery. ▶ Find a path between humanity and an existence of the inhuman. ▶ Explore a new world. Gameplay: ▶ What is Tarnished? Tarnished is a tactical action RPG with a unique character-driven story that loosely connects you to others. In the game, the actions of characters affect the story, and you will take on their roles when you enter the world of Idyll. A novel that is blended with the basics of a fantasy RPG, combined with the story of the “new world.” Tarnished is a tactical action RPG with a unique character-driven story where you play the role of a protagonist who enters a fantasy world. The game was developed in cooperation with the Japanese developer, Drupa, who has developed a series of successful action RPGs. CONCLUDED GAME INFORMATION: • It is a cooperative RPG that features a unique character system where players can freely combine weapons


      What’s new:


      • ・A 28-hour Portrait of the In-Game World that is Traveled by Online Characters
      • ・Fully Customizable Weapon Systems, Powers, and Classes
      • ・A Dynamic Skill System that Changes as you Level-up
      • ・A Unique PvP Combat that is Relaxing and Enlivening
      • ・Playable Characters from Every Era From the Mythological History of the Lands Between
      • ・A Variety of Skills that You Can Enlarge and Master With Your Party
      • ・Create Your Own Character and Play a Hero

      Act has exclusive “Talk online with others in game” functions which is only available in


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      Haikyuu – The Warriors of Legend • Theme music by 嘉川越成磨 • Opening theme song “Light My Fire” by The Doors • Closing theme song “How Poetry ends” by Aldious • Original character design by おおたきボマ • Original cell-shaded artwork by HALLYU • Original concept and direction by Kantoku • Location artwork by YMIEEE • Artwork by Kumano • Artwork by muhanna123 • Artwork by FA4 • Artwork by �


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      To begin, download and extract the game files to your Desktop. Copy and paste the files on to the install directory in your Steamapps\common\Elden Ring\ folder. Run the game and follow the setup options. Restart the Steam client and log in if you want to play online.The invention relates to a method for double spiral deposition of In.sub.2 Se.sub.3 microstructures and to a double spiral deposition of In.sub.2 Se.sub.3 microstructures. Double spiral deposition has been used as a process for manufacturing microstructures for several years. Typical of the prior art is the U.S. Pat. No. 4,362,692. Double spiral deposition is described therein in connection with the deposition of gallium phosphide. In the case of the known process the material to be deposited is placed on a horizontal rotating substrate holder and a material of the same type (for example gallium) is placed on the same rotating substrate holder as well, but horizontally spaced a distance from the first material (for example gallium). The first material is then evaporated and simultaneously sputtered off at one point of the rotating substrate holder by the second material, so that a spiral is produced in the material of the first material. By means of this spiral growth material can be deposited in a self-organizing manner with no need for heating or cooling of the material. The substrate is held in a vacuum chamber, which is connected to a source of gallium. However, there are also drawbacks associated with this deposition method. Firstly, the temperature of the material that is disposed horizontally and is sputtered off from the rotating substrate holder is only indirectly reached by the material that is deposited. In addition, during the deposition of the first material, firstly the second material is deposited on the rotating substrate holder and then during the deposition of the first material there will be a considerable effect of the second material on the nucleation and growth of the first material. In the case of the prior art, there are also difficulties in controlling the spatial uniformity of the first material during the deposition of the first material. Usually the first material is deposited on the substrate holder in the form of strips, having the same width as the spiral pattern. However, during deposition, uniformity will be reached in an inhomogeneous manner. Only in the area of contact between the first material and the second material will the result be uniform and homogeneous layers.


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    Product Features:

    World Explorer

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: Live the Story of Brandishing the Elden Ring and Become an Elden Lord! • A Vast World Full of Excitement • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. • Starting Gameplay As a new adventurer, you are rewarded with an unbelievable fantasy world! Rise to a higher position by starting battles, and interact with others in the town. • Create Your Own Character In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. • Fate in the Game World A state of freedom where the fate of your relationship with others and the bonds they bear decides everything.There is a fascinating story, and the main character lets you freely decide his fate! • Various Game Difficulties Challenge your way to perfection with varied game difficulties. From easy to difficult, there will always be something that you can enjoy. • 3D Graphics A new frontier in which you live a single life! The highly colored graphics bring an incredible fantasy experience. A new world awaits you!


    BATTLE with other players in BATTLEROOM


    System Requirements:

    Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1, or higher CPU 2.0GHz RAM 4GB HDD 200 MB available space 1024×768 display resolution DirectX™ 9.0c Sound Card / DirectX Compatible Sound Card Keyboard Game Locations: Stronghold Castle – The Divine Castle of the Gods. – The Divine Castle of the Gods. Empire City – The golden city in the East. – The golden city in the East. Wuhan – The




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