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THE UNIVERSE OF THE LANDBETWEEN Somewhere in the Lands Between there is a land ruled over by its own dark god, Ahn. On the border lies the domain of the nobleman Wil, who makes the necessary trade with the mysterious Elves to maintain a connection to the outside world. Along the bustling road that connects this land with the rest of the world, Wil is burdened with unusual circumstances. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN LAND When you search for Wil on the main road, you can meet up with him and talk over some business. − Meeting at the Enchanted Temple− “I’m thinking that this might be a very bad idea. I know that you’ve been summoned by a local child, but the timing of this all doesn’t seem right. At any rate, the child tells me that someone wants to meet you. I’m not sure what you want with a poor Wil, so if you don’t mind…” “I am summoned here by the master. So it’s best that you leave my servant business here. Here, please take this token of our appreciation. If you should happen to come across a nobleman named Wil, give it to him.” “Thank you for your services.” “As for the matter of the servant, see that it is properly dealt with.” This dialogue is available from two different Wil. “As for the matter of the servant, see that it is properly dealt with. ” A conversation with another party member. − Meeting with an Investigation Target− “Oh, you’re Wil! Thanks for coming.” “It’s amazing what one needs to do to survive, isn’t it? I’ve only got a brief reprieve, so I’ll take advantage of it. Thanks for visiting me.” “I’ve actually just taken on another job. This is the first time I’ve needed to team up with a stranger, though. I’ll be really careful.” “I’m terribly sorry for the last time that we met. I must have seemed a bit rude. I know that she’s the same one that accompanied you to the headwater. Is she really all right?” “Thanks for worrying about her. It’s really been a while. When I first met her back then, she was being treated with compassion by a few strangers. Of course, the treatment of a child is


Features Key:

  • Features
  • Action Games
  • High Touch and Screens Move Controls
  • Four-Player Co-op and Two-Player Cooperative Play
  • Story Outline
  • Anime Credits
  • Art Mode and Home Mode
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      From: ‘Elder Sign’ D3 Publisher Elden Ring Cracked Version Basic Information Product (PS4, PC) Platform PS4, PC Rating Age-Appropriate For 10+ Publisher E1/D3 PUBLISHER Developed by AMULET Games (formerly Temporal Software) Genre Fantasy Role-Playing (RPG) System RPG Release Date 2016 for PS4, PC Published by D3 PUBLISHER Rating: 4.8 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the 2nd entry in the Final Fantasy Type-0 series. It is a role-playing game, a spin-off of the popular Final Fantasy XIV. The story is set in a world called Gaia and follows the protagonist, Avan Larn, and his mission to revive the extinct race called the “Elden.” The story is divided into four acts and due to its length, the game will be divided into four chapters. Each act acts as a separate story and certain side quests will branch out to act as separate missions. The game will also feature a number of additional things that were announced, such as PVP, a collectible checklist from your adventure, and a new full-motion animated cutscene that offers a glimpse into the Elden race. Gameplay The game’s gameplay will largely be based on the Final Fantasy XIV. Like a turn-based Role-Playing game, it features customizable characters, easy job switching, and a battle system where victory depends on the skill of your party members. The main story will take place in four different points in time within the game and features the ability to travel back and forth between past and future timelines. The game is set in an open world and allows players to jump in, explore, and visit cities to heal, change their appearance, or manage their inventory. Synopsis The story of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD begins a century before the main story and focuses on the Elden race. The basic premise of the story is the disappearance of the Elden race because they have forgotten how to think. Concerned, the gods of the universe split the Elden into three separate groups. The first group was tasked with restoring the memory of the Elden while the second was tasked with guarding and protecting the Elden. The final group was tasked with researching the Elden’ bff6bb2d33


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      Elden Ring Explorer DRAMA Online GAME. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy. – Start a game of ELDEN RING and explore the Lands Between, which is full of exciting events. – Join the game in various environments. – Will you be an adventurer, a hero, or a villain? – Enjoy character customization and development, story, and dynamic online games. Game Exploration ELDEN RING Play online and offline Explore an open world that is full of events and special dungeons Cultivate friendships with other users and take part in events and collect items in the game world Collect money to buy items in the shop Visual Impact RPG game: Rise to the Power of the Elden Ring & Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between! BE ready to take on the role of an adventurer as you delve into the wondrous worlds of the Lands Between. Through an epic story built around your character, lead a daring and adventurous life as you seek glory and the power of the Elden Ring. ♪ Unique RPG Experience! Unlike other RPGs, ELDEN RING features a unique battle system with the ability to use ranged attacks and jump attacks. CUSTOMIZE your character, invent all kinds of weapons, armor, and magic to prepare for action-packed battles. Enjoy exciting story scenes in which your decisions directly affect the course of the story! ♪ The Story of a Unique RPG Experience! The Worlds Between Explore the Lands Between that were lost during the aftermath of the Elden War. Defeat monsters that have been branded by the blood of the Elden. A lonely land, full of monsters and a dark past… The Lands Between is the home of the Elden which is where the Adventurer’s journey begins. • Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime, the Legend The Story of the Lands Between In the Lands Between, the Worlds Between, a grand and beautiful land exists. The quest to take control of it was the cause of the Elden War. The monsters that roamed that land grew to big sizes. Then, the Elves, whom were the Elden, built the great High-Mountain Fortress. The Elves then said to the humans: “The world was beautiful so why would you want to attack the Elden and destroy everything?” However, the human lost their


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      *The following content is original Japanese text that was released on August 22, 2018. The English translation is not final, and may change. To view the visual book, please click here.



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