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Name Elden Ring
Publisher rancdarl
Format File
Rating 4.64 / 5 ( 3004 votes )
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THE WINDOW OF THE ELDEN RING is open for you to freely travel to the Lands Between, an unknown world that you can freely roam where there is no limit to possibilities. This game allows you to discover the mysterious force of the Land Beyond a window in the game world and build your own fantasy using a variety of objects. Seamlessly connected with the game world, in which you are always able to play with others, even when you are alone, you can enjoy the fantasy adventure of the Lands Beyond together with others. You can also craft the story together with others when you play with a group of people. In addition to simple PVP, we also offer complex PVE battles with highly advanced rules, where you can freely select your party and battle against others. *You can freely move in the game world (You can move a position/location), *You can freely enter other characters, *You can freely play with other people(You can form a party/group or join a party together with other characters), *You can freely communicate with other characters. *You can battle other characters without any restriction(Accept all-cancelling), *You can play on your own without anyone knowing (You can not let other people notice your location) *You can easily play the game even without any Internet connection (You can select offline option from the main menu) Our Fantasy Story The Land Beyond, an unknown world, completely changes the definition of the concepts of space and time. Living as they please, within a limitless and space-time, here and there, they explore the world freely. Many of these people are adventurers who seek new stories and enjoyment, while a few are simply travelers who walk on and forget. For those who seek to travel to the Land Beyond, there is the forbidden mountain of Elden Ring. Shrouded by ominous darkness, from this mountain, there is a tunnel leading to the Land Beyond, a mysterious world that can be accessed by anyone who wishes to enter. Young hero, Dyrus Nefarian, grew up in an orphanage before entering the Elden Ring as a newly-sanctified guild apprentice. He believes that the Land Beyond is a place where his future lies. *NPC – Non-Player Character Medion, the head of the cabal guild, is a man who left home in order to become a guild apprentice. He has


Features Key:

  • Accessible to All, Play on the Go with Ability Level 1
  • Online Multiplayer Mode, with Rich Interaction
  • A Long and Interactive Story of Mountains, Rivers, and Dungeons
  • 8 expansive Boss Maps with Intricate Detailed Designs, Map Updates Continuous
  • Story Quests, Dungeon Quests, Training Quests
  • Elden Ring will also be released for Fire Emblem Online

    THIS IS AN EDITION OF THE RING THAT IS DEDICATED TO THREE KNIGHTS. THE PLOT FOR THE RING THAT WILL SET THE STAGE FOR THE UNIFICATION OF THE KNIGHTS IS CONTINUING. • Elden Knight and Elden Lord Edi are in love. These twin brothers. Both have appeared in the battlefields and dungeons of the lands after saving people. • However, their pasts are still unknown to each other. They are doubtful of one another, but every day, they feel a new desire to protect each other. • The third is Edward I. He is the son of Edi. But he is also the master of several weapons, two knights, and four soldiers. We’re planning to bring a new Elden Ring soon after the release of Fire Emblem Online. However, if all goes well, we will bring it to Fire Emblem Online before it.

    This is not one of the Chapter which can be opened with 150 AP. Please unlock the story of the other stories on the wiki to experience all the charms of the Elden Ring game here before it.




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