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The official game website can be found HERE: The official game page for the app store can be found HERE: Facebook page: Greetings! If you’re enjoying the game but seeing this error: “Index exceeds matrix dimensions” when hitting the “Play” button, then it’s most likely that your system is using a 64bit OS which can not handle 64bit at all times. To change your system into 32bit mode, go to Start, then Click Control Panel, then Open the Advanced tab. On the Advanced tab, then Open the Power Control option, then click “Choose what power buttons do”. You will now see a box with the following options (or something similar to it): “Choose what the power buttons on my computer do”


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An epic fantasy adventure where you can experience the deep fantasy and open world of Tarnished, an action role-playing game. The theme of Tarnished is the joy of leveling-up and exploring a world full of possibilities.
  • Customize and develop your own character through a unique combo system with freedom and fun that allows you to play according to your preferences, such as improving your strength to become a strong warrior.
  • A multilayered story is born from a long-standing tradition in the world of Tarnished. Despite its history, it has grown into a distinctive story that captivates players.
  • An online action role-playing game where players travel alongside other players in your party and play together in any of the game’s environments.
  • Content and features of the game (listed in order of importance)

    • 1. Become an Elden Lord
      Rise to the top of the Elden lords through a series of tactical battles against the Dark Lords and gain the strength to challenge Valendria’s protector, the Valendrian. 2. Experience a deep fantasy adventure
      The deepest fantasy adventure of an action role-playing game, with a fusion of the best parts of both the life in open fields and the life in a dungeon. 3. Customize and develop your own character
      Customize and develop your own character through a unique combo system with freedom and fun. 4. An online adventure with other players
      Travel alongside other players and unlock new dungeons, with 3-person co-op and online gameplay, through players traveling together. 5. An open world filled with dynamic elements
      A vast world in which open fields with a variety of situations and dungeons in which the game’s three-dimensional design and innovation are seamlessly connected and constantly change according to the player’s actions. 6. Adventureful 3D battles
      Use powerful techniques to attack enemies and play through on-screen actions with the exclusive and intuitive action RPG battle system. Experience the thrill of attacking with your combo attacks, and the battle system is


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      The following is a review from the U.S. release (c)2017 GungHo Online Entertainment America Inc. All rights reserved. “It might seem strange to review a turn-based tactical role-playing game based on a video game, but that’s where I found myself while playing Gyfin Rhasia: the New World. After taking on the role of a peasant, Hae-Yun, you begin the game wandering the countryside, where the mysteries of the elfin race of the realm lay at the beginning. You are joined by the others, the Wandering Knights, as you set out from a simple village for the grand mission of saving this realm from the forces of darkness, not only to ensure its future, but to also ensure your own survival. The graphics are simple, the animation is simple, the music is simple, the interface is simple. The reason is simple: it’s a strategy game. It’s a game that is played in a simple fashion, in a simple fashion, and it’s just not hard to understand. It might be right for beginners who’ve never played a video game before, but it just isn’t as engaging for those who are used to a more complicated presentation. As a new player, it’s not a game you’ll ever want to play over and over again. The story was not terrible, but it was just there. You play a mercenary who’s trying to make your way to the end of the world. You travel around on your Knight horse, a flying bird, and a boat with a crew that includes a monkey, a rodent, and a cat. But why is this considered a Strategy game? Yes, it has you building up a row of soldiers by giving them certain abilities and abilities in turn. You can use a river to walk your troops across, or you can use a nearby castle to build a wall. But ultimately, it’s a game where you wind your way through a map and do battle with enemy troops. There’s no manual precision, no secret weapons, and no complicated chain of clicks and turns. So, it’s really not a real strategy game. The difficulty ramps up, and you find yourself in a fight with a full-grown bear. Each of you has an array of choices. You can lay traps, or you can find the best route to get to the enemy. You can charge in and attack with brute force, or you can use a bff6bb2d33


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      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Notice: The following content is rated “M” for Mature. The content and practices described may include situations that fall within the definitions of literary and artistic content as well as national and international policies regulating such content. The following content is intended for mature audiences. MA15+ ▼ Through the Lands Between, You Can Grow and Become the Legendary Lord ■ Story Through the Lands Between Existence on the surface of the Earth is riddled with uncertainties. At this time, the lands between our world and the Material Plane are shrouded in darkness and chaos, and are a place where the battle between Law and Chaos (Duty and Chaos) wages on. In these lawless lands, no one is above the law, and no one can identify themselves as allies. In these lands of swords and magic, there are no codes of conduct to be followed and no normal rules of human activity. Violent crime is widespread, and the violent dungeons that dominate these lands have no perception of good or evil. Alone among those of the ordinary world, you are an individual who has been called to serve as a “lawful sovereign” in the lands between. The town of Tavernski has been beset by frequent raids from monsters and criminals, and its people must find their courage to fight back to defend their homes and lives against all-out destruction. To protect the town, you will join the Tavernskis in order to stand against the monsters and to tame the lands between. In this game, you will fight for your own honor and in the pursuit of justice. ■ Game Features A Vast World, Beautifully Rendered and Animated The lands between are extremely vast and treacherous. The line between the spell effects of Chaos, the bodies of the dead, and the monstrous beings that rule the places in between are all too thin to traverse. This game has been created using a new rendering model known as “Templar” that combines a versatile animation system, 3D graphics, and a world map rendering so vast and detailed that the player can see the entire world in one view. The end result is a world with a vast horizon and detailed areas, with a rich variety of light,


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Product Details

      • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One
      • Release date: September 7, 2017
      • Genre: Role-playing game
      • Ages: 14 and up
      • Characteristics: PG-13
      • Players: Single-player, two to four players

      Copyright© 2017 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

      Nintendo, the Nintendo logo and Nintendo Switch are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

      The Elden Ring and Tarnished are trademarks of Nintendo, Inc.

      Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch Online are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

      Internet Game Content Usage Terms

      You may not use this item in-game with any other software. You may not resell this item, or post the title to any other service including the Internet. You may not file this product with any digital distribution service including the Nintendo eShop.

      Fantasize’s products are “in-game” consumable items which contain unique artwork that appears on the Nintendo Switch console as currently manufactured by Nintendo. The appearance of this in-game artwork is for demonstration purposes only. This artwork does not represent other titles provided by any third parties and these products are not produced by Nintendo.

      We may change the content and appearance of this item in the future. For more information, see the Nintendo Switch FAQ.

      This item may not be resold in any way or otherwise conditioned to form new items. To produce this item, we may alter or remove in-game components, perhaps including characters and maps. Nintendo may also make changes to the product in future updates. In


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      notes 18 Nov 2017


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    System Requirements:

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