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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Expand your world’s mystery, by diligently exploring all the online features of the game.
  • Battle at a higher level than your friends by earning high-end weapons and armor from defeating enemies.
  • A scenario that has you relive the myth of the Elden Ring through many different paths.
  • Enjoy the lively story campaign. As an important character in the game, your decisions will be reflected in the game’s ends.
  • A Fantasy Action RPG for everyone. Enjoy getting stronger, sharpening your character, and providing your character’s muscle power to the absolute maximum!
  • An epic drama Engage in a dramatic online role-playing experience where you put your fate in the hands of fate.
  • A party that has become a united band. Fight the war together, revising the new story and fighting together with friends.
  • Elden Ring is also available for purchase as an immediate download.

    Elden Ring will be available on August 11th globally as a worldwide, downloadable PlayStation®3 game for $49.99.

    Europe *

    North America

    North America

    About Deck13 Digital
    Deck13 is an independent studio led by three experienced and strategic producers who share a passion for the visual quality of games and the stories they are able to tell. Founded in 2005, Deck13 has grown from an unproven team into a developers who are recognized for their creative visions. They have been recognized for their individuality in the game development industry, and remain committed to bring individual visions to life. Their experience in AAA development with some of the industry’s top studios has provided the team with the resources to pursue their own visions with complete independence. Deck13 has developed award-winning innovative titles including Bloodborne, Tearaway,


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    RISEGATE Disappointment. Videos Tarnished Brand, Chapter 1: The Test of Gold RISE: Eternal Developer: HITASHA DEVELOPMENT Platform: PC Release Date: 2017 Publisher: Nintendo If you want to go through all the available content, the game comes with download codes for all the DLCs released. There is the Intellivision theme for Nindie Sound Test, Pokémon theme for the Pokémon Theme Town, the puzzle map for the Crystal Map, and the other one is a little bit behind, because of the lags on my internet connection. I don’t know why I chose to play through the beginning of the game, as it’s one of the less enjoyable parts in Tarnished. It’s a basic tutorial that you need to go through to get to the second half of the game. All you have to do is stand on the right spot, and you’ll use a foot to attack the mobs, which will be your basic attack and uses only your left foot. You also have to constantly dodge for the next part of the tutorial. I found that the game gets rather repetitive if you do this and if you get bored of this, you can play the other modes. Once you beat the tutorial and move to the actual town, you’ll need to find the two moons, which are in the Southern Swamp and the Northern Breeze. You can’t be too far away from them, because this is where the enemy will spawn, and if you die, you’ll have to start the whole thing over again. I chose to stick with the game mode with the highest difficulty so that I wouldn’t spend too much time levelling up. This mode is called Expert Mode and it’s just like the tutorial, but the mobs are much harder. bff6bb2d33


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    the new fantasy action RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. Gameplay Welcome to World of Gracen Welcome to World of Gracen. The game of fate on the grand scale. A large-scale action RPG. A game where you direct the actions of heroes and heroine. In a medieval fantasy world, you can freely shift the battle scene, and you will experience a variety of things. In the midst of a war-torn world, a place where prosperity and happiness remain only in the distance. A place that remains of the Elder World. The Lands Between. GAME OVERVIEW Welcome to World of Gracen is the next action RPG from NIE. You can enjoy the action of an RPG game which places high importance on tactics and strategy. In World of Gracen, you can enjoy how the game is played by creating your own character and playing together with others. CHARACTERS AND WORLD OF GRACEN You cannot beat all your enemies in one hit. Explore the world of Gracen, shape the battle scene, create your own adventuring party, and lead the alliance of heroes and heroine! Discover a world that is unlike anything you have ever experienced and a new fantasy RPG experience born from a myth. Battle with the champions of the Elden Ring. • Join a party to gather a power of the Elden Ring and compete against the champions. • Use various skills to gather souls, and strengthen your character and party. • Explore the lands and dungeons with a party of up to 5 people. DIFFICULTY SETTING MANAGEMENT A game with a variety of difficulties so you can enjoy a difficulty that suits your skills. • Different types of attack and defense have been prepared, and more types of attack and defense will be added later. GAME WORLD OF GRACEN World of Gracen is a world of two opposing realms connected by a bridge. The world is divided into 2 regions: the Nether and the Elden. A world in which prosperity and happiness remain only in the distance. Elden—The Worlds Between -“Fortunate land


    What’s new:

    Available for PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 24.

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    Hof #grail review iPhone 7

    It’s been a while since we’ve featured a chart of our favorite iPhone and iPad games because we’ve been busy with reviewing the iPhone 7. That’s to be expected because they’re the most exciting, lively, and attractive, but there aren’t any games that are relative new releases.

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    iPhone 4/5/6: Chronicles: Rune Wars takes you to medieval England where hundreds of warriors clash in a massive Celtic conflict. Banners, chivalry, swords, and bad, bad, bad language collide with the precision of a keen knife. There’s a screen clear as glass and a color palette that resembles that of a thousand different recipes. Chronicles is a controlled maelstrom of medieval axe slinging set in an alternate world. It’s as stylistic as


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X 10.8 or later and a video game console connected to the system via HDMI USB connection to the system and an HDMI cable between the HDMI port on the system and the game console FREE Download Required: The Gamepad software Intuitive remote control software with support for Windows, Mac and Linux In Game Addressing the Xbox 360 Controller Addressing the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller Addressing the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Addressing the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Addressing the Xbox One




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