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Writing data to disc can now be a simple task using this straightforward application that, unlike other software tools, offers you the basic features. This application enables you to easily write ISO images to various types of discs. can burn data to CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays and rewritable discs. Accessible application You can access the application after a few clicks. The installation runs smoothly and does not ask for many adjustments to be done. After you install this utility, its clean and user friendly interface is displayed so you can start customizing how you want to burn your data image to a disc. Basic functionality The intuitive interface allows you to select from the connected optical drives the one you want to use in the burning process. The next step for you is to select the writing speeds that the inserted disc supports. offers you the possibility to close the project so you cannot write any other data to the disc after one session. Also, various other information is displayed, such as estimated and remaining times, as well as the numbers of data sectors to be written. Furthermore, the apps's GUI provides quick access to the event console which displays information concerning the burning process. That way you can know what happens with the data that is being written. At the end of your project you can choose the optical drive to be automatically ejected. Conclusion Overall, is a great tool for beginners at using computers and also a reliable utility for those a bit more advanced who want to quickly burn an image to a disc without spending too much time setting things up.







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Simple use of virtual desktop, which makes it easy to switch between different virtual desktops and switch between them without losing the focus. No window manager is required. PabloDraw uses the Eto.Forms cross-platform framework to provide native UI for other operating systems. Screen Locker is an effective utility designed to customize your desktop environment. It features options to set different virtual screens and multiple desktops on your personal computer, as well as to set the same wallpapers for all of them. The program works in a straightforward manner, allowing you to define the number of virtual screens and separate them using background images. It is important to note that before adjusting the desktop settings, all the active programs will be disabled, since the virtual desktops will “cover” all the open windows and place your current application inside one of the virtual screens. The functionality of the application can be improved, though. The virtual desktop manager includes some old and outdated widgets that can be easily replaced with modern alternatives. For example, once you set the number of virtual desktops that you want to use and configure them, there is no option to switch to the next virtual desktop without minimizing every window. From a practical point of view, it is best to click the “Switch to Virtual Screen” icon to change the virtual desktop. Virtually personalize your desktop with Screen Locker Virtually personalize your desktop with Screen Locker. Virtual desktop manager that has many widgets available, this is a fast and simple way to customize your desktop. It is a simple, light weight and easy to use utility. Clean interface, easy to use The application comes with a unified and clean interface. It uses nice design and color scheme that is easy to understand. The application is lightweight and does not take up a lot of memory. However, it is recommended to have at least 8 GB of RAM to run the program smoothly. Note: It will take a few minutes to set up the software before using it. Virtually personalize your desktop with Screen Locker. Virtual desktop manager that has many widgets available, this is a fast and simple way to customize your desktop. It is a simple, light weight and easy to use utility. Clean interface, easy to use The application comes with a unified and clean interface. It uses nice design and color scheme that is easy to understand. The application is lightweight and does not take up a lot of memory. However, it is recommended

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The app is a utility that allows you to exclude the display of particular pages in the browser when you move your mouse cursor to a specific location on the screen. Using the app is very easy, all you need to do is position your cursor to the screen section you want to hide (i.e. a home page, a login form, etc.) and click the “Activate” button. Once the keyboard is opened, any text will be typed into the relevant input field. The values will be automatically inserted into the URL and sent by your browser for the specified location. This will prevent anyone from snooping on the content that is displayed on your website, either on the screen or on the history of your browser. The application only works with firefox, chrome and safari browsers. Developer: Alex M. Nguyen Compatibility: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT .NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0 are the main.NET framework versions used for applications developed in Microsoft’s Visual Studio..NET Framework 2.0 and.NET Framework 4.0 can also be used to develop applications in C#, a dialect of the C programming language developed by Microsoft. The.NET Framework includes the Common Language Runtime (CLR). The Visual Studio 2008 version of the.NET framework (version 4.0) was released in June 2008, along with a free developer version named Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition. In December 2008, Microsoft released.NET Framework 2.0 with the release of.NET Framework 3.0..NET Framework 2.0 was developed under Visual Studio 2005 and included a fully functional partial implementation of the Common Language Runtime. The partial implementation allowed developers to write applications using the Visual Studio 2005 and.NET Framework 2.0 tools, although they could not redistribute their applications..NET Framework 3.0 was released in May 2009..NET Framework 3.5 was released in July 2009, and it allows developers to build Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms applications. ASP.NET is an object-based implementation of the ASP web application framework for developing dynamic web pages. The.NET Framework is available for all three versions of Windows (Win32, x86, and x64) in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. All versions are preinstalled on the Windows operating system as part of the.NET Framework 3.0 and above. 2f7fe94e24

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Our new Dialog Wallpaper app makes a great gift for friends and family who love to play games and watch movies on their computers and mobile devices. There are over 8 million apps available in the Android store, and you can pretty much find anything on the internet! You can read books, watch movies, play games, learn to code with one of the free apps available. You can even create your own apps and sell them! It’s amazing what you can find on your phone or tablet. Most people have two-three apps installed at any given time, but there are hundreds of thousands of apps available on Android! With the recently launched Dialog Wallpaper app, you can create your own custom Android wallpapers that will be unique and easy to set up! Just select the photo or image you’d like to use, then pick a color theme you like! That’s it! It really couldn’t be easier! Features: –> 8 Million Wallpapers –> Custom Color Themes –> Brightness, Auto, and Night Wallpapers –> Animated Wallpaper –> Scaling Available –> Easily Select Photos From Albums or Camera –> Save your Custom Wallpapers Anywhere –> Share your Custom Wallpapers on Social Media –> Select Colors or Pick one of ours –> Great New Feature: No Registration for Discounted Price –> Save your Custom Wallpapers anywhere Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to reach out to us on our social pages (Facebook or Twitter) or on our email. Don’t forget to rate this app if you like it. App Store: Google Play: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Easy Color Picker is a lightweight and easy-to-use Unicode color grabber specially made for programmers and web developers who prefer working in Notepad++, thanks to its wide range of options and configuration settings. Add colors to HTML, Delphi, VB or C++ code It gives you the possibility to choose favorite colors from the palette and insert their codes into your projects. The tool supports several formats, namely HTML, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ and RGB.

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Let no one interrupt your work and keep you focused on your work with Screen Locker. It is an effective application that helps you lock your screen (desktop) and thus prevents others from intruding into your PC while you are working. Screen Locker is an intuitive application that enables you to easily lock your screen (desktop) and easily unlocks it. Screen Locker offers both functions as the administrator and user. The administrator is the person who is permitted to lock and unlock the PC screen (also known as desktop). The user is the person who works on the PC but can’t lock the computer screen during work. QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is a leading small business management software solution. It allows you to keep track of your bookkeeping, sales, inventory, payments, customers, employees and vendors. It also integrates with MS Office and other popular applications. Duolingo is a leading language learning service, which offers languages from over 50 countries, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and English. You can also learn language using text messages and unique language games. The program allows you to record GPS tracks, display Google map for the tracks and save route tracking files in different file formats. You can transfer the files directly to your GPS or share them through email. You can also assign the name of your activity, set the start and end location and use the program offline. The ‘Map’ option lets you create a simplified map that will help you navigate more easily. QuickBooks Enterprise Small Business is a popular accounting software for small businesses. It can be used for both business accounting and family accounting. A system of reports is used to monitor transactions, sales, inventory and the distribution of money between various accounts. Lingvist is a plugin for iTerm2 terminal, which creates bidirectional translation between any set of two languages. Lingvist allows you to switch between two languages in a bidirectional way – you can switch from Spanish to English and vice versa. This works using the Qt framework. You can also use Lingvist to switch between any two languages in an unidirectional way: English and Spanish. Lingvist supports bidirectional (bidi) and unidirectional (uni) translations. Caffeine is an easy-to-use utility application that allows you to make folders, unlock them, lock them or even delete them. It features a large number of options to make your

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.66 GHz (or better) Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Drive: 20 GB available space Graphics: Minimum 2GB Video Memory DirectX: Version 9.0c Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card Other: 56 Kbps or faster Internet connection Minimum:OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.66



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