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OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is the sort of technology you don't know much or care much about until you actually need it. However, when you quickly need to grab text (and convert it into machine-readable data) from images, scanned documents, or even photos and videos, then OCR becomes a lifesaver. Thankfully, there are a lot of good OCR solutions out there, most of them coming in the form of online tools. However, what if you want a solid OCR tool built specifically for Windows 10 and is 100% offline? In that case, you will love Text Grab. How does Text Grab work? After first installing the app, you might notice that Text Grab is nowhere to be seen. Fear not, as this is intentional. Text Grab was designed to be as unobtrusive and as efficient as possible (both in terms of how it works and resource consumption). In short, Text Grab does not work in the background, and you'll only see it being active when you actually want to capture text. So, here's how you use it. First off, make sure you pin Text Grab to the Windows Taskbar for better reach. When you want to capture a text, simply click the icon, and select the region with the text using the "select tool." Open any text editor (or whatever app you want to paste the text into), and copy it there using either the mouse or the CTRL+V keyboard combination, and that's pretty much it. Conclusion Text Grab is a fantastic little OCR tool designed specifically for Windows 10 that doesn't get in your way while working and capable of grabbing text from pictures, PDFs, app GUIs, videos, websites, and so forth. It might seem a bit strange at first, given that it doesn't have a GUI per-se, but it works great.







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Scan a document, a website, a QR code, a JPG, a TIFF, a PDF, a video, an eBook Capture OCR-enabled text from a scanned image, a document, or a webpage Search for text of interest Text Grab Notes: Compatible with.NET, PHP, Java, C#, VB, Python Works offline (no Internet connection required) Highly customizable Get it on Windows Store Text Grab Pricing: $10 Personal License $30 Personal Plus License $90 Enterprise License With these options, Text Grab is available as a standalone app, a personal license, and even a fully-managed service with a host of custom options and options. While there’s no free version of Text Grab, even the commercial licenses come with generous licensing terms. In all, Text Grab is a slick app for Windows 10 that adds a lot of value to your Windows 10 device and can be a great addition to your development toolkit.While attending the 101.5 WPTK and WPTK.1 radio stations recent CPAC event in Crystal City, Virginia, conservative firebrand and Fox News host Jesse Lee Peterson confronted CNN’s Van Jones following his speech at the event and led a passionate audience in a chant of “CNN sucks!” Van Jones, who currently serves as an adviser to Barack Obama, praised both the Democratic and Republican leadership of the US Congress for “putting the country first.” He called on members of the conservative base to “come together” and implement “the right thing” to improve the nation. In response to a question by Peterson, “What do we call people like you?” Jones suggested a new, appropriate term. “I’d like to think of you more as an abolitionist.” “I would suggest that all the things that you have done to the black community have hurt the black community,” he continued. “So I want to call people who are doing those things abolitionists and racists and bigots. I want to call you that and I want to say I don’t want to be associated with you.” “Who are you calling ‘bigots’?!” yelled a man in the crowd. “You are,” Jones responded.

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Text Grab is a simple and intuitive tool that you can use to quickly and efficiently scan text from images, documents, and other digital sources. It can be used on a local machine or remotely and comes fully-supported by a free community version. What’s New Version 1.0.0: – Added support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices. – Added support for Windows 10. – Added support for Remote Desktop. – Updated database with a fix for the Phone number field. – Added several options in the Settings section. – Fixed a few bugs. Note: It is released as an open source project on GitHub, and you can check out the source code here. Also, make sure to follow Text Grab on Twitter.Q: Checking if data is missing when counting in pandas I have the following pandas DataFrame Index A B 0 1 2 1 0 0 2 0 1 3 2 3 4 0 0 5 0 0 6 2 1 7 2 0 8 2 2 I would like to check if the number of 0 is balanced to the number of 2s. The expected result for this would be: Index A B 0 1 2 1 2f7fe94e24

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Grab everything you want! Text in PDF, images, web pages, signboards, app GUIs, videos, etc. You name it! Grab from any text window or text area on the screen. Fast – no need to look for the text! Backup and save the image. Free! Get Text Grab for Windows 10 Interested in Text Grab? You can download Text Grab, via the Windows Store, here (Windows Store).Q: Implicit class for any data structure I’m trying to make a function like this object Foo{ import scala.collection.immutable._ def foo[T](r: Set[T]) = r.size } and it turns out that T is not the same as Set[T]. What is the correct way to make such a function? I can’t use implicit class because it looks like is actually not supported by Scala. A: The implicit class is what you are looking for. It’s the Scala 2.10 only feature, but it should be possible to port it to 2.11 as well. While I was cleaning house this morning (before the election), I noticed something: my Internet service bill is about $10 more than it was on election night. While that amount is not huge, this is how my bills often are during that month: I looked at my bill, and compared it with how much it was on election night. The bill this month is about $10 more than what it was on election night. This morning, I noticed something else: there’s a little box in the corner of our bill. It reads: What is DNS? DNS is the Domain Name System. Every computer on the Internet needs a unique name. How do we know which website belongs to which name? DNS gives us that information. If your Internet service provider has a third-party DNS service, it will automatically choose one DNS service for you. This box is there because our Internet service provider provides a DNS service for us. When I signed up with our Internet service provider, I agreed to use that DNS service. Since our Internet service provider provides a DNS service for us, we can choose a different DNS service. In our case, we chose

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Text Grab is a smart OCR tool that helps to convert the pictures to text. There is a great scanning tool for Windows 10. It has an easy interface and free scanning tool. Even you can free download the GUI. It is a quick way to text and image search. Text Grab Features: 1. Scan images 2. Convert text into PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, MS Word, CSV, XLS and more 3. Reduce the time of text extraction 4. Reduce the number of repeated texts 5. Support 9 languages 6. Image Browsing, copy images with a few clicks 7. Support all videos and audio 8. Take the picture when scanned and results after scanning 9. Quickly delete unwanted text and regions 10. [Send the scanned text as a document] Download Link: Image Formatter is a lightweight image editing application that allows you to change or combine several images from one computer at once. It has a wide array of options, and many of them can be switched and combined with other options to alter the look of your images. Image Formatter Features Image Formatter is a free image editing application. It makes it easy to combine several images. It will give you a lot of options for its simple interface, and the options allow you to combine images without any effort at all. Image Formatter Basics Image Formatter comes with a simple interface. You can modify your images by adding some effects and changing the overall layout. Image Formatter Options There are many options available in the options panel. You can change the overall theme and background of the application. You can also alter fonts and colors. You can add watermark to the image, and you can also get rid of some. Image Formatter Themes 1. The Dark Theme 2. The White & Blue Theme 3. The Solid Theme 4. The Textured Theme Download Link: Image Formatter is a free image editing application that allows you to combine or change several images at once. It has a wide array of options, and many of them can be switched and combined with other options to alter the look of your images. Image Formatter Features Image Formatter is a free image editing application. It makes it easy to combine several images. It will give you a lot of options for its simple interface, and the options allow you to combine images without any effort at all. Image Formatter Basics–iMHXt

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